Slartoolkit v1.0.0.0

It can be used with Silverlight's Webcam API or with any other CaptureSource or a WriteableBitmap.
SLARTookit is based on the established ARToolkit and NyARToolkit.
SLARToolkit uses a dual license model and could be used for open or closed source applications under certain conditions. See the License page for details. Here are some key features of "SLARToolkit":
· Direct Support for Silverlight's CaptureSource.
· Flexible through a generic WriteableBitmap detector.
· Multiple marker detection.
· Simple black square markers.
· Custom markers.
· Real time performance.
· Easy to use.
· Documentation.
· Based on established algorithms and techniques.
· Uses the Matrix3DEx library.
What's New in This Release:
· Initial release with two different marker detectors.
· Only the SLARToolkit binaries and data are included. Download the source for the samples.

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