Silverlight→Forms And Controls

  • Silverlight Floatablewindow 3.0.40624.4

    It uses the standard Silverlight ChildWindow control.Also provides start positioning and resizing capabilities. Requirements:· Silverlight on client side

  • Silverlight Multi File Uploader 3.0

    It comes with a progress bar display, and confirmation messages.A PHP version is also available in the download package.This is a lot faster than the WCF service. WCF service is still available and the Silveright Multi File Uploader can be configured

  • Silverlight File Upload Beta 1.3

    The download package contains the Silverlight source, server control source, and an example and its source.A PHP example is also included using the Silverlight uploader as an embedded component in its web page. Here are some key features of "Silverli

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