Silverlight Media Player vv.02

Embedding video using Silverlight in web pages is now capable with this simple to use media player. Here are some key features of "Silverlight Media Player":
8 Skins:
· AudioGray
· Basic
· Classic
· Console
· Expression
· Futuristic
· Professional
· Simple
· Default Web page "Default.aspx" with corresponding code behind: both to be placed in Application root directory (ASP.NET 2.0+)
· Silverlight Library file to be placed in Bin application directory
· Ajax Library file (AjaxControlToolkit.dll) to be placed in Bin application directory
· Player Styles ("Skin") files (xaml) collection, placed in "MediaPlayerSkins" folder
· Player Initial setting stored in XML document file "SilverlightMediaPlayer.xml"
· Media Item data stored in XML document file "SilverlightMediaItems.xml"
· Custom Silverlight Player XML reader/parser class library "SilverlightPlayerLib.dll" stored in Bin application directory
· Silverlight 2 or higher on client side

  • Developer: Alexander Bell
  • Website:
  • Platforms: Windows / Linux / Mac Os / Bsd / Solaris
  • License: Microsoft Public License 
  • Language: Silverlight

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