Shotip v2.1

ShotIp is a fast COM automation application (ASP component) that allows your scripts to connect with other computers on Internet or intranet network "on the fly".

In several strings of code you can retrieve text or binary data from remote Web host, post form data to Web host, send complicated email messages containing attachments.

ShotIp can be used with any software supporting OLE automation. This list includes: ASP, VBScript, Visual Basic and others.

- Both HTTP grabber and SMTP email sender in one: you do not need several components for those operations
- High level HttpConnection object allows easy to connect with other HTTP servers and send/retrieve data via GET, POST,HEAD methods without knowledge of HTTP protocol details
- Exchange data with HTTP servers using challenge-response method of authentication. See the challenge/response page for details.
- You can easy POST data to HTTP servers emulating HTML form data
- Easy modifying HTTP request variables to interact with server software
- Ajustable timeout for HTTP and low level functions
- Proxy support for HTTP
- Handy saving retrieved data to a disk file for HTTP
- Handy retrieving of HTTP response variables makes your script smaller and smarter
- High level Mail object allows easy to send email messages with attachments using any available
- SMTP servers without knowledge of SMTP protocol and MIME specification details
- ShotIp supports different types of email messages: the software chooses the best type in the accordance with your requirements.
- ShotIp is not based on other installed software. The only requirement is TCP/IP protocol installed. That means there are no any collisions with other installed software.
- Low level TCP/IP interface allows to use other non-standard protocols supported by server, if they exist.
- The Ping object allows easy to check whether remote host is alive.

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