Shopping Cart v3.0

Design your own online store with this shopping cart software. It can use Java and JavaScript if available. For use on ecommerce websites, this shopping cart is compatible with PayPal Website Payments Pro, Authorize Net, Nochex and WorldPay.

- Easy to use
- HTML code from the shopping cart program or basket can be inserted in to any web page, making it simple to design an ecommerce website for your business. There is no complex JavaScript, Java or ASP code to setup.
- Transactions can be processed directly via Authorize Net. Worldpay, Nochex, or PayPal This is by far the best way to process a credit card number, as it ensures that no one except the card processing company has access to the card numbers. Transactions could also be processed via BarclayCard ePDQ.
- Automatic script generation.
- All the code including HTML used in the package is generated automatically by the setup program. The online shopping carts have their own FTP program for the merchant to upload the store files to their web site.
- FrontPage and Dreamweaver Compatible. Files from the shopping cart program can be imported into any FrontPage web or edited using Dreamweaver or any other application capable of editing html code.
- Compatible with Unix and NT servers
The shopping cart software is compatible Unix, Linux and Windows NT web servers. ASP or PHP is not required to run the program. The FastPay and Worldpay version uses a Perl cgi script. Java or javascript can by the ecommerce software if available.
- All transactions are sent encrypted via Secure Servers
This ensures that all online ordering, between the shopping cart script and the server is encrypted. This is a widely accepted standard for internet transactions. This means that you can reduce costs, since you are using the WorldPay or Authorize Net or PayPal secure free servers you do not need to provide secure server hosting of your own.
- The shopping cart program is compatible with all major browsers
Including Explorer, Navigator and Firefox, allowing you to design your web pages for the widest possible audience.
- Easy to add and delete items from the shop.
A separate application runs on your disk drive will create the set-up and database files for your e-commerce solution. Edit and review files on your local computer before transferring them to your internet shop, cutting down on connection costs.
- Custom VAT and sales tax, plus shipping options
These can all be customised by the owner of the shopping cart software. One easy to use set-up program takes care of it all. This makes the design of an ecommerce website even easier. No knowledge of Java, PHP or ASP is required. Sales and shipping for the PayPal shop are setup using their free admin server.
- Simple On-line ordering
Tax and shipping costs are calculated in real time for the user, unlike a lot of other conventional e-commerce programs. It is also very easy to navigate, making it simple to buy and sell online.
- Graphics
The software can support graphics in GIF and jpeg formats. The program also has the ability to automatically create its own thumbnails. You can also define your own templates.
- Custom Perl code. The cgi script used by our shopping cart program or trolley uses an open source Perl script which allows the server side section of the software to be customized.

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