Scrooge Js v1.0

To use, configure a set of sites with the proper referral information and load the script for the desired page(s).
The library will go over all the links on a page, and add the desired referral information to each one of them.
It also supports affiliate links through Commission Junction, it detects supported sites and replaces the link 'href' tag with the corresponding URL.
A working demo is included with the download package.
Here are some key features of "Scrooge JS":
· key - String, a key or id used internally by Scrooge to identify each affiliate.
· domain - String, the domain that will be searched in links to add the affiliate information.
· affiliate_id - String, your CJ affiliate id (PID).
· merchant_id - String, the merchant link id (AID).
· JavaScript enabled on client side

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