S-restate Cms v1.0 Beta

Useful for small, medium and even large sized real estate agencies.
For the free version, the initial admin login credentials are: admin/password.
Here are some key features of "S-REstate CMS":
· Based on brilliant OpenSolution's Quick.Cart 4.1 Engine
· Written in PHP, styled with CSS
· Database based on Flat Files (No SQL required)
· SEO optimized with good indexing results
· Based on MVC architecture
· WYSIWYG Editor
· UTF-8 compatible
· Four color themes: Green, Dark, Red and Blue (default)
· Complete "DIY" surrounding with intuitive Control Panel
· Integrated Mediabox advanced for media display
· Integrated NivoSlider on homepage
· Integrated File Manager
· Full control over almost everything in Control Panel
· Optimized for small and medium real estates agencies
· Multilingual support
· Compatible with all new major browsers
· Tested in latest Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera
· PHP 5.2 or higher
· PHP's gd2 library
· PHP's mail() function

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