• Git-wiki

    Uses Git repositories as its data store.This means the page history states are kept as Git commits.

  • Gollum 2.4.13

    Written in Ruby and JavaScript, the system was built by the GitHub Team and currently powers the GitHub Wikis.Gollum wikis are simply Git repositories that adhere to a specific format.Content can be edited with a text editor or IDE, with the built-in

  • Maxwiki

    MaxWiki is a cross between a content management system and a wiki. It has wiki style edit links on every page, but it looks like a real web site. In addition, Rails components can be included on any wiki page.

  • Wagn 0.5.4

    WagN aims to do for data and data structure what wiki does for content. It makes the content accessible, organic, and evolvable.

  • Rawiki

    RaWiki is a Ruby on Rails Wiki application. RaWiki is intended to be used as its own Rails application for public site wikis. It uses image captchas to prevent spam.

  • Ribit 0.3.0

    Ribit is a Wiki-clone designed for desktop and mobile device browsers. The implementation uses XHTML Basic and stylesheets. Current features: Webrick based, flat file storage, Wikit style syntax, categories for pages.

  • Minirubywikir 1.1.0

    It provides high information density, deep customization, advanced Wiki markup theory, and exemplary Test-First chops.

  • Instiki 0.19.1

    Uses WEBrick for the webserver, Madeleine for persistence, and RedCloth for Textile.Supports file uploads, PDF export, multiple users, password protection and RSS feeds.Some use Instiki as a CMS because of it’s ability to export static pages. H

  • Wiki2go 1.17.2

    Wiki2Go is a wiki. Its main features are: - effective, yet unobtrusive protection from wikispam - an online/offline mode where disconnected users can check in/out changes, backed by an SCM - easy to set up and manage - different access models.

  • Ruwiki 0.9.3

    Ruwiki is a simple, extensible Wiki-clone written in Ruby, supporting CGI and WEBrick interfaces, templates, CSS formatting, namespaces, and internationalisation. A focus on antispam techniques has been applied.

  • Soks 1.0.3

    SOKS is an easy to set up and customisable wiki.Key difference is that links between pages are automatic. It has flat file storage, pictures, uploads, authentication, calendar, blog-style summaries and an api for programs to interact. It is Webr

  • Pimki 2.0 Zombie

    Loosely based on Instiki's Wiki technology ( and with strong GTD influences.Pimki is aimed at being a light-weight, flexible organizer for various types of content.

  • Qwikweb 0.8.4

    qwikWeb is a communication system integrating mailing lists and WikiWikiWeb.

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