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  • Highlight 1.1.5

    Pygments is a fast syntax highlighter written in Python supporting a large number of programming languages.Highlight allows Ruby developers to graciously embed source code in a Ruby or RoR app or website, colorizing its output for a better readabilit

  • Happy Phone Number 0.0.3

    Happy Phone Number takes number strings and display them as they would be phone numbers, according to a series of pre-defined rules.Various national and international formats are supported by default.For non-supported countries, a template is availab

  • Faker 1.1.2

    Faker can be used whenever a text container or a database needs to be filled with filler content.Faker is recommended only for testing purposes only. Here are some key features of "Faker":Names:· First name· Last nameAddress data:· Zip

  • Numbers_and_words 0.8.0

    numbers_and_words converts something like 46 to 'forty six'.The library takes the numeral form of a number and converts it to its spoken (written) versions.Besides English, other languages are also supported:FrenchItalianRussianUkrainianDutchTurkish

  • Markup Editor 0.3.8

    The editor consists of two panels.The one on the top shows the markup language in raw, while the one on the bottom shows the final formatted HTML. Here are some key features of "Markup Editor":Supported languages:· Textile· RDoc· Markd

  • Bbruby 0.9.5

    This Ruby library parses strings with BBCode markup and transforms it into HTML markup. BBRuby also allow to define custom BBCode markup translations or override the built-in translations. Here are some key features of "BBRuby":Supported BBCode tags:

  • Redcarpet 2.2.2

    It is a fast and safe Markdown to (X)HTML parser for Ruby apps.Redcarpet is a Ruby wrapper for the famous Upskirt C library, specialized in manipulating Markdown syntax.Bby default, Redcarpet parses standard Markdown (with no extensions) and offers a

  • Urlify 0.2.2

    Diacritical marks don't go well with URIs, so an ASCII-safe version of that character will allow the word/phrase it is used in to be converted into a safe URI. It also includes a utility method to remove subtitles.Example:"Kurt Gödel" will be co

  • Rpdf2txt 0.8.2

    It can handle PDF data like text, links, pages, structures, dimensions, columns, fonts and much more. Requirements:· Ruby 1.8 or higher What's New in This Release: · Added a test for parsing encrypted object stream (PDF Ver 1.5-1.7).

  • Eoparser 2.0.0

    Esperanto is an artificial spoken and written language created in the late 1800's, designed to be an international language.EOParser is the first step in the creation of an AI.Esperanto, being highly regular, is an excellent candidate for a computer/

  • Prose 0.2

    It is inspired by other similar tools like Markdown & Textile.When parsing text to JSON, it is recommended to to include additional metadata inside the document.Documentation about the syntax is included in the project's readme file.

  • Twitter-text-rb 1.6.1

    It retrieves Twitter account updates ('tweets') and parses them for different content.It can extract hashtags, lists, author names, links, mentions and much more.It works like a data miner or text processor. Here are some key features of "twitter-tex

  • Uniforma 0.0.2

    Supported formats include RD, Markdown, simple text, HTML/XML and Textile. What's New in This Release: · Rewritten to be more logical.· Spec added.· Some docs added.· Inmature parsers/generators temporarily removed.

  • Countloc 0.4.0

    The utility supports Ruby, Python, Perl, C, C++, C#, Java and any language that shares the same commenting style as either of these languages.Results c an be outputted to a CSV or HTML file. What's New in This Release: Features:· Added VB suppor

  • Hikidoc 0.0.6

    HikiDoc allows writers to input text using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, convert it to structurally valid HTML (or XHTML) afterward. Requirements:· Ruby 1.8.2 or higher What's New in This Release: · Fixed missing NEWS.ja

  • Strict 0.0.15

    Strict implements a traditional static type-system over dynamic Ruby objects.This tool was built for debugging simple type errors. Here are some key features of "Strict":· Implements a Static typesystem over Object· Support for Ruby Primiti

  • Typographicunit 0.1.1

    The library can be used from the Ruby CLI or inside Ruby code to either convert or to calculate units. Here are some key features of "TypographicUnit":Supported Measuring Units:· Meter(m)· Centimeter(cm)· Milimeter(mm)· Didot Poin

  • Chars 0.1.2

    It will recognize text and generating random text from specific character sets. Here are some key features of "Chars":Character sets:· Numeric ('0' - '9')· Octal ('0' - '7')· Uppercase Hexadecimal ('0' - '9', 'A' - 'F')· Lowercase

  • Safe In Place Editing 1.0

    It comes with support for optimistic locking.

  • Crypt-rot13 1.0.4

    This can be used as a simple cryptography system. Limitations:· Not unicode friendly. Only works on ASCII values 65-90 and 97-122. What's New in This Release: · Fixed a packaging bug.· Added the 'gem' task to the Rakefile.· Some d

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