• Good Browser, Bad Browser

    Depending on the user's browser, it will show if he uses a good or bad browser.The user can also configure the Ruby file to add download locations, if he considers other browser good as well.This code runs the service. Here

  • Writeexcel 0.2.2

    This is a port of Spreadsheet::WriteExcel, originally written in Perl.

  • Addressable 2.1.2

    It adds support for IRIs and URI templates, while also conforming more closely to the relevant RFCs.Additionally, it provides extensive support for URI templates. What's New in This Release: · Added HTTP request URI methods.· Better handlin

  • Eyemap 0.8.0

    It also provides an objective interface similar to ActiveRecord and pals.EyeMap is a part of the Re: Mail project.To connect to an IMAP store, use the EyeMap.connect() call.

  • Use 1.3.2

    This Ruby library allows to selectively mixin methods from a given module and alias them on the fly if desired Requirements:· Ruby 1.8.0 or higher· structured_warnings 0.1.1 or higher What's New in This Release: · Updated and fixed gem

  • Union 1.0.2

    A "union declaration" specifies a set of variable values and, optionally, a tag naming the union. The variable values are called "members" of the union and can have different types. Unions are similar to "variant records" in other languages. What's N

  • Ptools 1.1.8

    The additional features where inspired from Unix command line tools. Here are some key features of "ptools":· File.which("ruby") # '/usr/local/bin/ruby'· File.whereis("ruby") # ['/usr/local/bin/ruby','/opt/bin/ruby']· File.head("myfile

  • Proc-wait3 1.5.5

    In distribution running Ruby 1.8.4 or earlier, it also adds the getrlimit and setrlimit methods. Limitations:· Linux users who compile with gcc -Wall will notice a few warnings. These are harmless (and unavoidable atm). What's New in This Releas

  • Io-extra 1.2.0

    The methods are IO.closefrom, IO.fdwalk, IO#directio? and IO#directio=. What's New in This Release: · Several Linux compatibility fixes.· Now compatible with 1.9.x.· Bug fix for IO.pread - memory leak and null byte behavior.· Chan

  • Getopt 1.4.0

    It also brings a Getopt::Long class for more advanced command line parsing. Requirements:· Ruby 1.8.0 or higher What's New in This Release: · Fixed a packaging bug where the libs weren't actually being included.· Other minor refactorin

  • Progress

    A stop command to the script will disbale the progress class as well. Here are some key features of "Progress":· Progress· Enclosed progress What's New in This Release: · rake spec

  • San 1.3.0

    SAN is an unique global code identifier used in the book and publishing industries.It will generate and validate SAN codes. What's New in This Release: · Add functions for conversion to a US and UK-based GLN

  • Ean13 1.4.0

    EAN (European Article Number) 13 is the code situated under the product bar code on the majority of products. What's New in This Release: · Add a bookland? method. Returns true if ean is a book EAN.

  • Flog 2.2.0

    Code is tested and scored, if the score will be high, than the harder it will be to run.Flog essentially scores an ABC metric: Assignments, Branches, Calls, with particular attention placed on calls.

  • Flay 1.4.0

    Differences in literal values, whitespace, names and programming style are all ignored.

  • Sysinfo 0.8.0

    Results are presented as YAML, JSON, CSV, or TSV files.It also determines a platform identifier for the system that takes the form: VM-OS-IMPLEMENTATION-ARCHITECTURE. What's New in This Release: · Removed #to_s· #platform now returns VM-OS-

  • Annoy 0.5.6

    The script can be sued to setup simple consoles for novice users. What's New in This Release: · Removed Hanna dependency.

  • Rubyforge 2.0.3

    Ruby developers can interact in a fast way with the servers. Requirements:· hoe· rubygems What's New in This Release: · Uses the passed in proxy, if provided.· Update group_id pattern for scraping project configs you

  • Ajax_request? Method To Xhr Detection

    A oneline helper I put in all of my apps. Looks for HTTP headers that signal you're being called via an XmlHttpRequest.

  • Ui Component - Check Box

    Actions for the check box component in mx 2k4. Place a checkbox component on the stage and give it an instance name of myCheckbox.Drag a textArea component onto the stage and giev it an instance name of myLabel. paste the code onto frame one ostance

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