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  • Windows Azure Sdk For Ruby 0.6.3

    Windows Azure SDK for Ruby allows developers to use the Windows Azure Storage and Service Bus technologies for their projects.The SDK contains cross-OS support to be used with any platform.Other Windows Azure SDKs are also available for:PHPNode.

  • Unicorn 4.6.2

    Unicorn allows developers to deploy and run specific Rack applications. Unicorn was specifically written for *NIX kernels, boasting increased performance metrics compared to other similar solutions.The Unicorn server is based and has evolved on the c

  • Divergence 0.2.0

    Divergence works in conjunction with a Git repository and routes any Git branch (code version) to a publicly accessible sub-domain.This allows the developer to quickly access Git branches without wasting time moving them to live Web servers.Divergenc

  • Thin 1.5.1 / 2.0.0.pre

    The server merges together three commonly used Ruby HTTP servers into single tool for advanced, rapid Ruby development:RackMongrelEventMachineThis creates an all-covering solution for the most niche Ruby Web development needs.Besides the wide sc

  • Tentd 0.0.1

    Tent is a protocol for sharing social networking data.This library implements a server-like Ruby tool for sharing Tent social data. Requirements:· Ruby 1.9 or higher Limitations:· In alpha development stage. Might change drastically from ve

  • Http_logger 0.4.1

    The gem surveils the Net::HTTP Ruby library for any activity.If any is detected, it is dumped and recorded in a preset log file.http_logger saves not only HTTP requests, but the responses as well.

  • Ruby Lsapi Module 4.1

    Allows developers to run and optimize the LiteSpeed server for running Ruby and Rails apps.By utilizing persistent connection between web server ruby process as well as highly optimized protocol, Ruby LSAPI delivers better performance than any other

  • God 0.13.2

    Watches over system and OS tasks and daemons, so the developer can concentrate on writing his app's code and not manage the system the app runs on. Here are some key features of "God":· Config file written in Ruby· Easily write custom condi

  • Localtunnel 0.6.1

    After setting up localtunnel, the user will be invited to access or share a link to his localhost via an URL in the format of Localtunnel is a client to a free and open source reverse tunneling service made specifically fo

  • Rack 1.5.2

    Rack wraps HTTP requests and responses. By doing this, it unifies and distills the API for web servers, web frameworks, and software in between (the so-called middleware) into a single method call.Rack is basically a common API for connecting web fra

  • Clogger 0.9.0

    The log format can be changed so the user can specify exactly which fields to log from the data range. Here are some key features of "clogger":· Multi-instance capable and (optionally) reentrant. You can use Clogger in a multi-threaded server, a

  • Threadlimiter 0.1.2

    ThreadLimiter isn‘t a thread pool, because each fork really starts a new thread. What's New in This Release: · Introduced ThreadLimiter.handle_clusters, which is reused by ForkAndReturn.

  • Job Manager 1.1.3

    It includes emailing results, logging, rotating log files, timing out hanging cron jobs and more. Here are some key features of "Job Manager":· Logs the output of the cron jobs.· Rotates the cron job logs.· Manages a central log which

  • Attempt 0.2.0

    It supports commands for starting an events (begin), delaying it (sleep), retrying the request (retry) and stopping it (rescue). Requirements:· Ruby 1.8.0 or higher What's New in This Release: · Now requires and uses the structured_warnings

  • Sharedance For Ruby

    It can provide the same actions and features of the Sahredance application, but from a Ruby environment.

  • Integrity 0.1.10

    It is useful in developing new applications because when the developer commits a project, it builds, runs the tests, and makes sure everything works fine.It then reports the build status using various notifiers back to the developing team.

  • Ruby/ldap 0.9.7

    Ruby/LDAP is an extension module for Ruby. It provides the interface to some common LDAP libraries (for example, OpenLDAP, UMich LDAP, Netscape SDK and Active Directory). The common API for application development is described in RFC1823 and most lib

  • Ruby-serialport 0.6

    ruby-serialport - a library for serial port (rs232) access in ruby

  • Text::highlight 1.0.2

    This module offers text highlighting for terminals (using ANSI escape sequences, a la Perl Term::ANSIColor), and for HTML.

  • Term::visual 0.0.4

    Term::Visual provides a (hopefully) easy and intuitive interface for quickly making ncurses-based irssi/ircII-style interfaces.&kly makin

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