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  • Ruby Elasticsearch Client 1.0.1

    Ruby Elasticsearch Client sets up a basic interface for searching and indexing content inside Ruby-based projects using the well-known and widely-used ElasticSearch search engine.The client is actually made of two parts, a client for connecting to an

  • Flahoo

    Entering a keyword, the engine will first look it up using Yahoo! Search, take a result, parse it for 3 key and repetitive hot-words, and then retrieve images from Flickr for those strings.More of an over-kill of features, the program is more somethi

  • Texticle 1.0.2

    It exposes the full text search capabilities from PostgreSQL, and allows the developer to declare full text indexesTexticle will extend ActiveRecord with named_scope methods making searching easy and fun.It was designed as a Ruby on Rails plugin, but

  • Rlucene 0.15

    Lucene is a full-featured text search engine library written entirely in Java.

  • Spidr 0.2.1

    The script can run on a single page, website, multiple domains or even non-stop.Spidr is designed to be fast and easy to use.

  • Ruby/google 0.6.0

    Ruby/Google offers a higher-level abstraction of Google's SOAP-driven Web API. It allows the user to programmatically query the Google search-engine from the comfort of his or her favourite programming language, assuming that's Ruby. The aim of the l

  • Rfind - Quickly Find Files 1.0

    RFind is a little application that indexes the filenames of a given directory, and allows to quickly search this index with regular expressions. This search tool is very configurable so that is can be useful to everyone. Some of the fe

  • Ruwese

    Ruwese is a Web search engine written in Ruby.

  • Rise 0.1.1

    Rise is an implementation of the well known Lucene search engine library in Ruby.

  • Zip Code Search

    ZipCodeSearch is a Rails plugin that provides a simple framework for doing area searches in Rails applications. It includes approximately 45,000 zip codes and a fully functional example controller to get you started!

  • Search Engine Generator For Rails Apps 0.5.1

    Search Engine Generator for Rails Apps is a search engine generator for Rails applications. It shows an integration of SimpleSearch with Rails and provides an OpenSearch API for your data.

  • Rdig 0.3.4

    RDig is a crawler and content extractor for building a full text index of a website's contents. It uses Ferret for indexing.

  • Ferret 0.11.6-rc7

    It was modeled after the Java Lucene search engine.

  • Googleservice

    GoogleService is a library to use Google data API easily. The data model is based on the Java client library provided by the Google. For now, GoogleService can do only adding events and query.

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