• Artoo 1.6.7

    Artoo allows developers to control robots and various hardware devices via Ruby code.This basically enables developers to drop the complex machine code and use Ruby instead.Artoo not only works with Ruby, but also works with JRuby and Rubinius as wel

  • Blue_geo 0.0.1

    Easting and northing coordinates are geographic Cartesian coordinates, used in ancient times for (sea) navigation.blue_geo takes normal easting and northing data and converts it to regular latitude and longitude values. What's New in This Release: &#

  • Latinum 0.2.5

    Besides the aforementioned financial operations, Latinum also supports an extra feature for working with quantifiable physical resources.The library also has included support for working with decimal places, properly formatting currency values, perfo

  • Relais For Ruby 0.1.0

    It comes with utilities and consistent idioms for development, wrappers over BioRuby for easier use, and a common set of epidemiological objects. Here are some key features of "Relais for Ruby":· A consistent and easy-to-use set of IO classes.&#

  • Oba Client 2.0.3

    This is a Ruby client for accessing the NCBO's Open Biomedical Annotator service. What's New in This Release: · Quick fix in docs.

  • Ulla

    It needs user inputted environmental class definitions and sequence alignments with the annotations for the environment classes.This ruby app will work from a console-based environment.It also has the ability to generate heatmaps for the outputted ta

  • Nldict 0.9.3

    nldict is a Ruby interface to the on-line version of the one volume Van Dale Hedendaags Nederlands, a renowned dictionary of the modern Dutch language.It can be used to obtain the spelling, grammatical information and the definition of all words in t

  • Rploticus

    RPloticus is a Ruby/C wrapper for the Ploticus data visualization engine. We developed and use RPloticus at Click SCM tab to grab rploticus.

  • Model_graph 0.1.3

    Lost in a forest of models on your current Rails project? Use model_graph to help turn your collection of ActiveRecord models into a concise graph.

  • Rubytreemap 0.0.1

    RubyTreemap is a library for generating treemaps in ruby.RubyTreemap provides an interface for creating treemaps and rendering them in multiple formats such as png, svg, and html.

  • Gnuplot Module For Ruby 2.2

    Module providing useful methods for interfacing with a Gnuplot process.

  • Decimal

    The Decimal is yet another arbitrary-precision decimal arithmetic library. It just provides simple, compact, fast, collect, stable and easy-to-use solution. Any suggestions are welcomed, including API compatibility destruction.

  • Intervals 0.5.83

    Interval arithmetic in Ruby. Besides making obvious a possible loss of precision during floating point calculations, interval arithmetic provides not-so-conventional methods for a variety of computational applications.

  • Cartesian Product Module And Mixin 0.2.3

    The Cartesian module provide methods for the calculation of the cartesian producted between two enumberable objects.It can also be easily mixed in into any enumberable class, i.e. any class with Enumerable module mixed in.

  • Geometry

    Euclidean geometry module(s) for Ruby.

  • Graph Class 0.01

    It supplies a simple way to represent graphs and to execute operations on the same (to calculate topological order, lesser way etc)

  • Lpx

    A simple C extension which provides the GLPK API to Ruby.

  • Xice Encryption Algorithm Sdk 1.4

    The xICE Encryption Algorithm Software Development Kit allows developers of all skill levels to implement xICE encryption into their applications, and web applications.Code in C , ASP, VB6, JScript, and Ruby. C#, and Perl ports are planned.

  • Rnum 20070327

    Ruby Numerical Library (RNum) is a ultra fast linear algebra package using Blas and Lapack.

  • Uncertain 0.1.0

    A Numeric class that handles uncertain numbers like 10 /- 1.This class properly handles propagation of errors so that derived values will have correct uncertainties associated with it.

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