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  • Cplus2ruby 1.2.0

    Cplus2Ruby is written in Ruby and allows inserting C++ snippets of code inside Ruby apps for improving performance and speed.The library was written following OOP principles and is for advanced developers only.Cplus2Ruby works by allowing developers

  • Rubyobjc 0.4.0

    With RubyObjC, Ruby developers can build structured, high-performing subsystems and access a rich library of components.Objective-C programmers get an interpreted environment for interacting with their code, an amazingly clear and concise way of expr

  • Weld

    This can be done at runtime, at build time or both.

  • Analytica 0.0.14

    The library can be used for graph plotting, derivatives and for indicators [sum mean, moving average etc.].

  • W3c Validators Gem 1.0.2

    The gem supports the W3C markup validator, the feed validator and the CSS code validator.Each validator has offers three different validation methods:* validate_text methods take a string* validate_file methods take a path to a file* validate_uri met

  • Morph 0.2.7

    I can create class definitions via calling assignment methods at environment runtime. Here are some key features of "Morph":It can work with files like:· XML· TSV· Hpricot· ActiveRecord

  • Apache Buildr 1.4.12

    It has support for Scala, Groovy and a growing number of JVM languages and tools.It is basically a build system based on Rake, for building Java applications. Here are some key features of "Apache Buildr":· A simple way to specify projects, and

  • Sequence 0.2.3

    It supports data types like Files, Strings, Arrays, IOs, and Enumerations.Each sequence encapsulates some data and a current position within it.Some operations apply to data at (or relative to) the position, others are independant of position.The API

  • Ron - Ruby Object Notation 0.1.2

    It is very similar to JSON, but based on Ruby instead of JavaScript.Utilities are provided to convert (almost) any Ruby object (graph) to Ron format. Ruby already has formats for representing a literal Array, Hash, Set, String, Symbol, Integer, etc.

  • Rkelly 1.0.1

    The outputted Ruby code will look like a parse tree. What's New in This Release: · Fixed nondeterministic file order loading issue.

  • Trith 0.0.4

    It was founded on principles found in Forth, RDF and Lisp.It is a stack-based, concatenative, dynamically-typed functional programming language with a simple and concise homoiconic syntax.The Trith implementation currently consists of a virtual machi

  • Rlua 1.0rc1

    It contains almost the full coverage of the Lua C API, seamless translation of Lua and Ruby objects into each other and calling functions of each language from other one.Hashes and Arrays are translated recursively: all keys and values are translated

  • Methodchain 0.4.2

    This is an easy method to navigate around nil without creating local variables.

  • Module-import 0.4.0

    It uses Kernel#import to do the import. Limitations:· There is no way for Kernel#import to track dependencies between methods.

  • Realrand 1.0.3

    The script, written as a simple API, wants to mimic the real random number generating algorithm, found mainly in nature.It connects to several online services that generate random numbers, and retrieves a number.This project encapsulates all these ve

  • Contextify 0.1.4

    This tool will reduce code writing times, avoiding usage of complicated applications. What's New in This Release: · Added {Contextify::ClassMethods}.· Added {Contextify::PendingContext#each_class}.· Added {Contextify::PendingContext#ea

  • Parameters 0.1.9

    The gem can be used in native Ruby apps, as well as ruby-powered frameworks. Here are some key features of "Parameters":· Give parameters default values. Default values maybe either objects or lambdas used to generate the default value.· Ch

  • Hubris 0.0.4

    This application provides a programming bridge between the multi-functional Ruby language and the functional programming language Haskell. Requirements:· ghc 6.10· cabal-install· Ruby 1.8.6 or higher· zsh or bash What's New in Thi

  • Rubysh 0.8

    It implements almost all of the shell features in a Ruby development environment.

  • Benelux 0.6.1

    It can even insert little method timers in Ruby code. Here are some key features of "Benelux":· Create timers for any Ruby method· Store arbitrary messages· Granular statistics· Thread-safe What's New in This Release: · Fix f

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