• Tickit

    Tickit works in 2 modes.One counts the time between a start and stop action.The other adds up all the times, showing a general time of all the start/stop events.The general timer can be reset by pressing "New" twice (until it shows "Really New").Insp

  • Tracks 2.2.1

    Works on any platform that can run Ruby and RoR. Here are some key features of "Tracks":· Flexible views for actions· Tagging and starring· Quick and easy adding of new actions· Multiple lists· User preferences· Measure

  • Money Spent

    After logging in with Facebook credentials, the user can add expenses and keep track of his spent money. Here are some key features of "Money Spent":· Facebook integration via OmniAuth· MongoDB for persistence using MongoID· Form valid

  • Paper Trail

    Written in Ruby on top of the Rails framework it supports only one user at this stage. Markdown is used to format content.Documentation is included in the README file.Paper Trail is compatible with Rails 3.As well as the usual Rails dependencies, Pap

  • Onbox

    Installation and documentation is provided with the download package. Here are some key features of "onbox":· Auto discovery of new movie or TV show files· Automatic translation of movie/TV show file names into correct names· Movie inf

  • Todo List Manager (command-line) 1.2.0

    It was ported from a similar Shell to-do list organizer.It support various features, including sub-tasks, and notes. The file format is almost identical to the output except that there is a TAB after the task number.Notes are saved on same line as ta

  • Ncaa Basketball Tournament Pool Manager 3.0.2

    The Shoes GUI is included for creating entries and updating the tournament results bracket. Here are some key features of "NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool Manager":· Fully functional, self-service web GUI for collecting entries and generating re

  • Trackrecord 1.5

    This tool can be used in finance, task management, day scheduling and more.

  • Rwdscheduler 1.02

    This script is an event based database program that uses flat files. It can list events, store events, and edit, rename, and delete events.

  • Project Status Reporter

    Project Status Reporter is a rails application for tracking weekly project status reporting. It will allow users to post descriptions of their weekly project activities and have reports emailed to interested parties.

  • Rugtd

    Rugtd is a task management tool written in ruby and based on principles from the GTD system and others, targetting both handheld and desktop devices.

  • Ripple

    RIPPLE script is a web-based application that includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Project Management (PM).

  • Easyproject 0.6

    EasyProject is a very simple and lightweigh project management tool.It is designed for managers, programmers and developers, not project managers.

  • Story Cards

    Story Cards is a web-based project management system that supports XP-like project planning. Projects are broken down into iterations. Iterations contain user stories that describe the requirements of the project.

  • Redpimp

    RedPimp script is a personal information management tool. It has a web based interface.

  • Stim

    STIM (Simple TIme Management) is a simple  web application for maintaining a to-do list. In addition, you can specify time estimates and actual time for each task in order to gauge progress.

  • Mind Share Notes And Tasks Organizer 0.1.0

    Mind Share Notes and Tasks Organizer allows you to create and organize notes and tasks and for any purpose.

  • Rodo 1.1

    Rodo tool allows you to to manage TODO files. It allows creation of several of them, addition/edition/deletion of items in these files, can display items and multi-sort them, and can generate an RSS file for each managed TODO file.

  • Qtodo 0.2

    QTodo is a Qt4 todo-list manager written in Ruby. It combines a nice-looking interface with rich-text edition and hierarchical tasks.

  • Personal Media Library 0.3.0

    Personal Media Library script allows you to catalog DVDs, CDs, and Books.

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