Ruby→News Publishing

  • Newsonrails

    NewsOnRails allows you to putt a new article or news in a unlimited number of groups.

  • Diaria 0.1.5

    Diaria script allows you to post news items to the web. It is a command line program that creates a simple weblog page, archive pages, and makes a (rss) news feed.

  • Topspot

    Topspot is a "social news" web application implemented in Ruby on Rails.

  • Newssucker 0.1

    NewsSucker scans a given newsgroup of a news server for binary attachments to messages. A directory with the newsgroup's name will be created and all downloaded files will be downloaded into that.

  • Net::nntp Client Library 0.0.2

    This library provides functionality to retrieve and, or post Usenet news articles via NNTP, the Network News Transfer Protocol. This library does NOT provide functions to compose Usenet news. You must create and, or format them yourself as per guidel

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