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  • Rubydns 0.6.2

    RubyDNS can listen to DNS queries, intercept them, perform various operations on the query and forward or respond to it.Included with RubyDNS is a stand-alone asynchronous DNS resolver, which can even be forked and embedded in remote applications wit

  • Spdy (ruby) 0.0.3

    SPDY is a networking protocol developed by Google for faster transporting of content across the Web. It's a faster TCP-like protocol.This library adds primary support for SDPY in Ruby.

  • Ipcalc 1.0.0

    Supports both IPv4 and IPv6. Here are some key features of "ipcalc":· Format an IP address· Arithmetic operations· Bitwise operations· Compare IPs· Left and right shifts· Subnet calculation· Test if an IP is in a su

  • Proxymachine 1.2.4

    ProxyMachine is content aware, working on OSI's 7th layer.This tool is for proxying connections to different backend servers depending on the contents of the transmission.ProxyMachine is currently deployed in GitHub's server architecture, working wit

  • Mime 0.1

    The built messages can be used in client/server communications such as Internet mail or HTTP multipart/form-data transactions.The library supports the RFC822 standard.

  • Thinhttp 0.1.1

    Useful in web apps for sending simple GET requests or uploading files via POST requests.By default, it sends URL encoded data. Here are some key features of "ThinHTTP":Components:· ThinHTTP - A light-weight and user friendly HTTP library.·

  • Networkfacade 0.4

    It comes with scripts for the server and client side, SSL certificate generation, exceptions, compression support and REST data retrieval. Here are some key features of "NetworkFacade":· DRb alternative - Do the same as DRb (tcp, unix socket, ss

  • Net-ping 1.3.2

    It works with both TCP and UDP packets. Here are some key features of "net-ping":· Ping::TCP· Ping::UDP· Ping::External· Ping::HTTP· Ping::ICMP· Ping::WMI Requirements:· Ruby 1.8.0 or higher· The win32-open3 (1

  • Usher 0.8.3

    Available as a gem file and source code, it can be used in network routing operations. Here are some key features of "Usher":· Understands single and path-globbing variables· Understands arbitrary regex variables· Arbitrary HTTP header

  • Net::ssh 2.6.7

    It can perform non-interactive SSH processing, purely from the Ruby command line. Here are some key features of "Net::SSH":· Execute multiple processes in parallel over a single SSH connection· Execute processes on remote servers· Capt

  • Ruby Xcap Client 1.0

    XCAP is already in use for SIMPLE-based systems in manipulating presence lists and presence authorization policies. Here are some key features of "Ruby XCAP Client":· Fetch, create/replace and delete a document.· Fetch, create/replace and d

  • Zonecheck 2.0.3

    The DNS is a critical resource for every network application, quite important to ensure that a zone or domain name is correctly configured in the DNS.ZoneCheck is intended to help solving misconfigurations or inconsistencies usually revealed by an in

  • Stado - Herd

    Simplify management of a group of machines running Debian GNU/Linux.

  • Metaproject 0.4.15

    MetaProject (formerly XForge) is a library that allows interaction with various project hosting servers, issue trackers, scms and scm browsers.

  • Nuscatone

    Nuscatone is a simple web interface and client daemon that does what most people use Nagios to do. It monitors service uptime and can execute a specific command on the server if something goes wrong. Plus basic flap prevention, etc.

  • Wping 0.1.0

    Ruby bridge to the Win32 ICMP Ping library

  • Rubymon

    Rubymon is a simple process monitor for UNIX/Linux. It is configurable via a YAML file and runs in the background, restarting down services. It also keeps a log of what it does.

  • Wireless Ruby

    Use this class to scan for networks and see information about your wireless card, from your wireless card, Wirelessly!

  • Pcaprub 0.6

    PcapRub provides raw libpcap bindings for Ruby.

  • Snmp Mib Browser 1.0

    SNMP MIB browser - Sample SNMP MIB browser

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