• Flaunt

    Can be used in powering PowerPoint-like slides that can be stored on a server and viewed from a browser anywhere in the World.For formatting the slide's content, Flaunt supports all the formats Sinatra can handle through the help of Tilt (Markdown, E

  • Showoff 0.7.0

    ShowOff works via Ruby's Sinatra, reading config files and rendering nice slides out of them. Here are some key features of "ShowOff":· Show simple text· Show images· Show syntax highlighted code· Bullets with incremental advancin

  • Landingpad.rb

    Built with Sinatra and MongoHQ, deployable to Heroku.The landing page features a subscription field, where visitors can add their email to a launch notification list.MongoHQ is used to store the emails.Google Analytics are supported.

  • Cloudler 0.2.0

    It logs into a server via SSH, uploads whatever it needs, installs any specified gems, and runs a specified command. Works for one or more servers at the same time.

  • Json-zips

    The library has its own database of ZIP codes in JSON format stored remotely on Google Code.It queries and retrieves the appropriate ZIP code, geographical coordinates, US state name, town name and region.

  • Tyrone 0.4.1

    It's a prototyping tool for user interfaces built in Ruby.

  • Tpp Script 1.3.1

    tpp stands for text presentation program and is an ncurses-based presentation tool. The presentation can be written with your favorite editor in a simple description format and then shown on any text terminal that is supported by ncurses - ranging fr

  • Ruby-termios 0.9.4

    Termios module is a simple wrapper for termios(3).

  • The Highly Experimental Ruby Shell 0.9

    The Highly Experimental Ruby Shell (THERuSH) is a system shell written in Ruby. As the name would suggest its all about having fun and doing what you want a shell to do.

  • Greprb

    An expanded grep that accepts regular expressions for text search and file manipulation.

  • Rush b4

    ruSH is a ruby based object shell. Currently supporting directory and ruby syntax completion via an intuitive combo box, passing objects down the pipeline, aliases, built in and extendable commands as well as executing external binaries.

  • I Shell 0.1.0

    l is a frontend for ls and less, invoking either depending on if it is fed directories or files. This makes navigating a shell a bit smoother and easier, as it is common to switch between the two commands while poking around the file system.

  • Popen4 0.1.1

    POpen4 - Open4 cross platform

  • Airport

    This is a Ruby wrapper for the Macintosh Airport driver.

  • X10-cm17a 1.0.1

    x10-cm17a provides a simple interface to the CM17A Firecracker X10 controller.

  • Joystick-ruby

    Linux joystick support for Ruby.

  • Genealogical Tools For Ruby

    Various genealogical utilities, applications, and plugins to aid Rubyists desiring to do family and personal history.

  • Markets4all

    Markets4All is a project to create a highly configurable and decentralized market implementation which includes the ability to administer your own community currency. The goal is to create a truly "free market" or system of market creation.

  • Weft Qda 1.0.1

    Weft QDA is written in Ruby.

  • Stage Management Suite

    A theatre management suite is designed for use by the various stage managers, the Director of the theatre and the program designer. It creates reports and printouts such as sign-in sheets, cast and crew lists, rehersal and tech schedules and cue

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