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  • Zocial (sass) 0.0.3

    Comes in two versions, one for icon buttons, one for text buttons.The Zocial buttons are very easy to create and embed. What's New in This Release: · Updated the $zocial-icon-default to "\0020" which an empty space.· Updated to add the

  • Reading

    Reading was built using modern-day technologies like Backbone and Zepto.Reading's interface is very easy to use, coming split in three panels.The first one is for listing RSS feeds. The second one is for listing the feed's content. The third is for l

  • 3d Github Badge v0.1.1

    It is the typical badge that most developers have in one of their page corners when listing open-source projects hosted on GitHub. The badge will turn around and switch to its backside on mouse hover, revealing a hidden message.In older browsers, it

  • Bits 0.1.1

    The library is useful only for Microsoft Windows systems.

  • Funnel 0.1.0

    It will merge a list of RSS feeds into one big file.It adds some antispam validation to the items, supports caching and a nifty interface. What's New in This Release: · Reading the feeds in the database.· Added license file.· Showing t

  • Svn2rss 0.1.0

    It will syndicate any Subversion file changes into an Internet RSS feed, so everyone can follow what's going on with an important file repository. What's New in This Release: · Created a basic lib with two methods parse the SVN log, and create t

  • Crank 1.2 (revision 4)

    The script can be used as a stand alone or in other SVN hook scripts to automate file generators.It also supports ERB templates for easy themeing.

  • Feedmarker 0.1

    It lets the user manage his own feeds and bookmarks using tags.It also allowing him to export RSS, HTML, JavaScript and OPML feeds.

  • Muck Raker 0.1.36

    This application aggregates data feeds and analyzes the results to make recommendations.Muck Raker adds functionality that aggregates, searches and analyzes data from many different web sources.Specific feeds can be attached to objects. For example,

  • Total Buttons

    Total buttons pack is a flash buttons library with sound and effects. In each flash button you can change the button label and colors. This library is compatible with Macromedia Flash MX, Flash MX 2004 and Flash 8. Accessible variants: Flash Com

  • Menu Selected

    Menu Selected script allows you to enable menu items one by one. When you select one menu item this stays enabled, until you select another one.The colors and text font could be easy changed, as well as other effects.

  • Prophet REL 0.0.1

    Prophet has LDAP for user management, an email system, RSS feeds and an IM system.the interface uses AJAX for easy interfacing.

  • Webu

    The design of WEBU is targeted at automating business administration by exploiting available technologies, the web based, in particular.

  • Microformathelpers

    MicroformatHelpers provides you tools to properly write out Microformats such as hCard, adr, geo, etc.

  • Searchable For Activerecord

    Searchable is a module designed for use with ActiveRecord. It includes a DSL to declaratively specify how model attributes should be indexed. There are both Ferret 0.10.x and Solr backends.

  • Rubytrailers 0.1a

    RubyTrailers parses out trailers, size, title, links from the Apple Trailers site. It can build a DVD of trailers with a simple menu as well. Future uses include: autolinking to trailers from a blog site, RSS feed of applelinking t, etc.

  • Google::api 0.1.0

    Google::API script provides you various interfaces to Google APIs. It currently supports the Web API, which allows you to search google, spellcheck a phrase and retreive Google's cache of a webpage.

  • Acts_as_ferret 0.4.0

    Acts_as_ferret is a Rails plugin that makes it easy to make any ActiveRecord model full-text to mak;

  • Stemmer For Portuguese 1.0

    stemmer for portuguese script is a ruby implementation of a stemmer for the portuguese language. Thementatiohm implemented is the RSLP.

  • Rcrawl 0.5.1

    Rcrawl is a web crawler written in ruby.

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