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  • Cssquirt 0.0.1

    CSSquirt allows developers to embed images inside the CSS code as a Data URI scheme, instead of a file path.This way, the image data is encoded in the CSS file itself and won't load via another HTTP request.This improves performance and increases pag

  • Ngwallpapers

    Ported to Ruby from other similar Python scripts, NGWallpaper will parse the National Geographic wallpaper archive and download all available wallpapers.Default resolution for retrieved wallpapers is ~1600x1200 pixels.NGWallpaper was specifically cre

  • Fastimage Resize 2.0.3

    It works by reading a photo's dimensions using the FastImage Ruby library and then resizing the image on the fly with the libgd library.FastImage Resize also runs well with Ruby on Rails.Works with most common image formats, including PNG, GIF and JP

  • Fastimage Inline 1.0.4

    FastImage Inline takes the URL of an image, gets the image, converts it to a base64 string and embeds within the code as a data-URI.Doing this reduces the number of HTTP requests a server has to deal with and improves page loading speed because the u

  • Fastimage (ruby) 1.4.0

    FastImage reads a photo's URL, gets its header, parses it and stops at the moment it has found the details it needs to.This saves bandwidth when dealing with high-res photos.FastImage can be used to fetch details like width, height and image type.Usa

  • Cambelt 0.1.1

    Camblet is a development tool created for programmers working on websites that need mock-up/test content to preview functionality and features.The script can generate dummy, filler images that are very adaptable and have no real other purpose except

  • Dimensions 1.2.0

    The library opens the file header and takes out its dimensions in pixels.Besides the width and height, image angle (rotation) can also be extracted. Here are some key features of "Dimensions":Supported image formats:· GIF· PNG· JPEG

  • Simple Image Converter

    Can be installed on a server and provide a simple web-based app for editing and converting images via the browser.Allows lots of editing options and many view modes. Here are some key features of "Simple Image Converter":· Change image gamma

  • Svgconverter 0.0.1

    Relies on Apache Batik to work.Includes tests and examples. Here are some key features of "SvgConverter":Supported output formats:· PNG· JPG· PDF Requirements:· Batik

  • Instant Sprite

    To load a page faster, web developers usually merge all their images into one big one and use CSS positioning to render only the part of the big image they need.This technique is called image sprites.This is a tool that automatically merges a list of

  • Gullery 0.0.1

    It works well for a personal portfolio, small photo gallery, a product showcase, image album and more.It is written with Ruby on Rails and is made to use as little memory as possible. Here are some key features of "Gullery":· Uses the lightweigh

  • Srgal 0.1

    One of its features is that it can function out-of-the-box as a drop-in replacement of the iGal and jGal static HTML galleries written in Perl.It automatically creates thumbnails and creates one gallery page per image file in addition to an index fil

  • Imagesize 0.1.1

    Just feed an image's location to the library and it will return its size in pixels. Here are some key features of "imagesize":Image formats:· PCX· PSD· XPM· TIFF· XBM· PGM· PBM· PPM· BMP· JPEG· P

  • Rqr 0.2.2

    A QR code is a 2-dimensional "barcode" of a type popular in Japan.The library can output images in PS, JPEG, EPS, TIFF and PNG format.It is intended for transferring chunks of data such as long URLs using a camera (Eg. on a phone), together with deco

  • Gravtastic 2.1.3

    It works with the classical Ruby environment, Merb or Rails.

  • Onyx 0.3.2

    It is designed to be clean and intuitive, customizable, flexible and quick. Here are some key features of "Onyx":· Customizable Themes· Organize Images by Category/Tag· Secure Admin area· Upload images from your computer or a dire

  • Booh 0.8.6

    Booh is a static Web-Album generator. It's a program that takes one or several series of photos and videos, and automatically build static web pages to browse them, creating thumbnails etc. There are already tons of such programs available, howe

  • Koumu Plus Canvassize

    This componentes is designed to change the flash file's stage size on create time.Key features: - you can set the canvas anchor - auto align the object in every frames and larers and  scenes - it an lock the ratio of stage's dimension. - NOTICE:

  • Extract Curves 0.1.1b

    Extract Curves script converts the raster image effect of the characteristic of motion of an (interesting) process into a list of rectangular coordinates (in raster image's system) representing the inferred characteristic of motion of the midline of

  • Shuttr Photo Manager 1.0

    Shuttr is a Ruby on Rails photo manager. It supports multiple user accounts and tagged photostreams. Version 1.0 is planned to support the full Flickr API and modules for importing from Gallery, Coppermine, and other popular photo album software.

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