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  • Graphiti 0.1.0

    This is a port to JavaScript and Ruby of Graphite, the Python graphing package.Will allow users to create, edit and store graphs using a nice user interface. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· Ruby 1.9.2 or higher· Redis

  • Flotilla v0.4

    The plugin generates beautiful canvas graphs from ActiveRecord models.All the charts are rendered via the Flot jQuery plugin. By using Flot, all its features are implemented in Flotilla.This means legends, colors, ranges, max and min, bars, lines, et

  • Css Graphs 0.1.0

    For copying relevant images to the public directory, a generator is also available.Includes itself in the ActionView::Helpers::TextHelper module, so no extra includes are required. What's New in This Release: · Converted to Hoe.· Available

  • Svg::graph 0.6.1

    SVG::Graph has a verry similar API to the Perl library SVG::TT::Graph.Scalar data may be charted as well.Graphs and charts are rendered as PNG output. Here are some key features of "SVG::Graph":Graph types:· Pie· Line· Area· Time

  • Scruffy 0.2.6

    It is designed to be easy to use and highly customizable, allowing the user to set custom styling for the background, lines, points, markers, legend, grid, viewport, themes and more.It blends the beauty of Gruff with the SVG capabilities of SVG::Grap

  • Ruby Graph Library 0.4.0

    Ruby Graph Library is also known as RGL. Here are some key features of "Ruby Graph Library":· Algorithm/Data-Structure Interoperability· Extension through Function Objects and Visitors· Element Type Parameterization· Vertex and Ed

  • Ruby-uml 0.2.2

    It generates textual representations of information.These representations include pic- or dot-code that can be converted to images by their corresponding applications.ruby-uml is able to generate sequence- and class-diagrams. Requirements:· diff

  • Dotr 0.3

    Graphs are plotted using the 'dot' utility from the Graphviz suite of programs to different graphic formats.

  • Gerbilcharts 0.1.8

    This application uses stylesheets to customize appearances of almost all visualelements: colors, fonts, borders, line strokes, fills, etc.GerbilCharts searches for stylesheets in the working directory and the public directory of the gerbilcharts gem.

  • Igraph 0.9.7

    It is a library useful when creating and manipulating graphs with a particular emphasis on network analysis functions.

  • Gruff Graphs 0.3.6

    The developer can plot his own figures, suing predefined colors or his own color template. Here are some key features of "Gruff Graphs":Graph types:· AccumulatorBar· Area· Bar· BarConversion· Base· Base::StackedMixin

  • Rubychart

    RubyChart is a comprehensive charting system based on RubyMagick. RubyChart provides a simple interface, but allows for extensive customisation if needed.

  • Sparklines 0.5.2

    It can be used as a standalone or as a Rails plugin. What's New in This Release: · Handle case where all data is zero.

  • Rogue

    Rogue is an object graph data persistence layer.Objects are stored in a directed graph (tree-like) structure, with nodes and edges. Graphs may exist in memory, in a file, distributed across multiple files, databases, disks, or servers, or combination

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