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  • Rubytus 0.1.0

    The Rubytus library is an unofficial client for the Resumable File Uploads protocol.Rubytus can be used to support a simple file upload mechanisms which can be stopped and resumed whenever desired.The library deals with the server-side operations of

  • Keydown 0.9.2

    KeyDown uses the Deck.js JavaScript utility to render and animate the presentation.Deck.js extensions are also supported.For the presentation itself, Markdown is used to style the slides. Here are some key features of "KeyDown":· Support for emb

  • Password_strength 0.3.2

    Analyzes the password string using various criteria and reports on the result. Here are some key features of "password_strength":Analysis rules/criteria:· String size· 3+ numbers· 2+ special characters· Uppercased and downcased le

  • Simple Tooltip 0.0.2

    Written in jQuery and packaged as a RoR3 plugin and gem, it will allow users to add hovering tooltips to their apps.The plugin supports from simple text to HTML content.Tooltips can be styled via CSS.It can be triggered on hover or at click. Requirem

  • Rbcurse 1.1.5

    Unlike ncurses forms and fields, all rbcurse widgets can be created at any time, and modified at any time.Widgets have vim-like or emacs-like key bindings for more keyboard friendliness.It is event based and has an MVC architecture. Here are some key

  • Yui Tree 1.0

    Tree view and checkable lists can now be implemented in Ruby on Rails. Requirements:· YUI version 2.7.0 or higher

  • Ajax Scaffold Upload - Rails Plugin 1.2

    There isa version of responds-to-parent included in the package.

  • Gchart 1.0.0

    It can generate the URL for a given chart for any online use, or it can download the generated PNG for offline presentations.Charts which support an axis concept can be labeled. Supported types are line charts, bar charts, radar charts and scatter pl

  • Pagify 0.8.0

    This tool aims to extend the standard Ruby library, providing an useful tool, especially for functional programming. Here are some key features of "Pagify":· Aims to be as flexible as possible· Separate intrusive "pagify" method and Array/D

  • Contacts 1.0.16

    It can connect and export info from Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail and Facebook.This library is easy to extend and add new free email providers, so don't be shy.

  • Cssformbuilder 0.2

    A little ruby on rails plugin containing a form builder that uses css to produce tableless, lined-up forms.

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