Ruby→Form Processors

  • Simpleform 2.1.0 / 3.0.0.rc

    Inspired by Formtastic, SimpleForm allows developers to quickly and simply build forms in Ruby and Rails without complicated coding and countless validation rules.SimpleForm tries to automate most of this process by providing ready-made functions to

  • Formtastic 2.2.1

    Can be used to create modern, semantic, syntactical correct, customizable web HTML forms. Here are some key features of "Formtastic":· It’s Rails 3 compatible (including nested forms).· Internationalization (I18n).· Quick to get star

  • Formvalidator 0.1.4

    This is a project to package Travis Whitton's Ruby FormValidator library as a gem.It also fixes some reported bugs as well. What's New in This Release: · Updating version-extraction pattern in the packaging tasklib to allow double quotes in addi

  • Real-time Form Validation Plugin 1.0.2

    Real-time Form Validation Plugin provides real-time form validation using AJAX.

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