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  • Synchrotron 0.0.7

    The actual synchronization is done via a rsync connection and works only one way: local files are sent to the remote directory.It works almost instantly and should provide a reliable back-up for important local files.Synchrotron works with the entire

  • Fingerprint 1.3.3

    Fingerprint allows developers to check if the content of a file or folder has changed or has been compromised.This is done by scanning folders, creating cryptographic hashes and comparing various versions of those hashes to detect changes in watched

  • Synchzor

    Synchzor is just like a raw, UI-less Dropbox service.It watches a directory and clones any content it gets added to it to a remote location.Most obvious usage scenarios include server backup utilities. Here are some key features of "Synchzor":·

  • Pdf-wrapper 0.4.5

    Comes with Ruby bindings for various C libraries (like gdkpixbuf, Cairo, Pango, Poppler and RSVG) that do the heavy lifting.Unlike many other similar libraries, this one supports Unicode characters. What's New in This Release: · Relax gem depend

  • Preflight 0.3.0

    Includes support for the PDF/X and PDF/A standards, along with custom user-defined rulesets.The library is pretty bare bones, but it's an alternative to expensive preflight PDf checking software, while also being easy to understand and extend. What's

  • Guardpost 0.5.0

    Optionally it can also convert them to database records (Mongoid, ActiveRecord, etc.) if needed.

  • File Site Hosting Downloader

    Just pass it an URL and it will automatically retrieve the file from that page. Support for premium credentials is included. Here are some key features of "File Site Hosting Downloader":Supported services:· Rapidshare· 4shared· Przekle

  • Archive::zip 0.3.0

    Basic archive operations (creation and extraction) are handled using only few methods.More complex operations involving the manipulation of existing archives in place (adding, removing, and modifying entries) are also possible with a little more work

  • Torrents On Rails

    It supports passkeys and speed statistics storage.It can be setup in any envirnment where there is a Ruby interpreter.

  • Rfuse-ng 0.3.0

    Using this tool filesystems can be implemented in Ruby.This project is a continuaton of the rfuse project abandoned back in 2005. What's New in This Release: · Fixed read() and write() bugs, updated example. Implemented truncate() in the example

  • Evil Dango 0.5.1

    It retrieves a ticket within a predefined account and replaces the passkey with a new one (previously defined). Requirements:· Ruby 1.8.6 or higher· Sinatra 0.9.4 or higher· Mechanize 0.9.3 or higher

  • File-find 0.3.4

    Find-elem can be used for searching files on a system.Because it's modeled after the standard UNIX command 'find', a lot more search options are available. What's New in This Release: · Fixed a packaging bug. Thanks go to Gabriel Horner for the

  • Archive-tar-external 1.2.3

    This can be used as a addon to the classical TAR compressing packages. Requirements:· Ruby 1.8.0 or higher· The win32-open3 package (MS Windows only)· The "tar" command line program· At least one compression program, e.g. gzip, bz

  • File-temp 1.1.0

    The feature list includes improved security, pure Ruby code, a superior interface and better support for Microsoft Windows. Requirements:· ffi 0.5.0 or higher What's New in This Release: · Now pure Ruby, using FFI.· Fixed RF Bug #26757

  • Uploader 0.2.0

    It is very similar to other projects like jRails.The usercan modify the upload controller behavior, protection settings,graphci template through CSS and JavaScript and more. Requirements:· jQuery

  • Rvista 0.7.0

    This format is actually used by the PACSTREAM service to share electronic orders within the book industry in Australia. What's New in This Release: · Depend on fastercsv gem, forces bundler to include it on the load path.

  • Bxr File Management System 0.6.5

    It allows for an admin to create different permissions on files or folders, or organize users in different groups with different access rights.Files or folders can be searched based on different keywords.Besides being able to upload files to differen

  • Castigate 1.0.0

    It can run as an arbitrary shell command on each revision repository.

  • Ghost 0.2.0

    It can be used on any POSIX systems, and it does what developers do manually when editing the /etc/hosts file.It can also flush the cache.

  • Tinyfile 3.3

    TinyFile is an upload and file management tool supporting uploads, overwrite prevention, deleting, and renaming all in 51 lines of code. There was a friendly goal of keeping it around 50 lines just to see what was possible. Some things are a little t

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