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  • Email Reply Parser 0.5.3

    Currently the library is being used on GitHub for parsing and displaying comments received via email.Email Reply Parser works only with emails in plain text format.

  • Emailer v0.1.1

    The library extends the Pony mailing library and extends it.A configuration file must be created specifying the SMTP server data.The file must be called 'config.yml'.The library is easy to use and allows quickly sending mails with a few lines of code

  • Simple Email 1.0.2

    It is a wrapper around the ActionMailer package.The API is bare, but can be easily extended.For Ruby versions above 1.8.7, support for TLS via SMTP is included.This is due to changes to the ruby standard library (as of 1.8.7) to include tls support i

  • Ez-email 0.1.1

    Emails can be sent using some simple commands or scripts.Usage:    EZ::Email.deliver(      :to      => '[email protected]',      :from   

  • Acts_as_icontact 0.1.4

    This script uses iContact's features for email services and mailing list managers, and integrates them into Ruby applications. Here are some key features of "acts_as_icontact":· Simple, consistent access to all resources in the iContact API·

  • Rit Script 0.5

    Rit is the Ruby IMAP tool. It can be used to manipulate mailboxes over IMAP, allowing you to copy and delete mailboxes and their contents. When copying a mailbox, its subscription status and all of the IMAP flags of the messages it contains are

  • Gnome Gtray 1.3

    This is a small notification area application to check the status of your GMail account and display if you have any new email. It uses the GNOME libraries but it uses the standard for tray apps, so it ought to work fine in KDE an

  • Cvsspam 0.2.12

    CVSspam emails you diffs when a change is committed to your CVS repository. These HTML mails hyperlink to further details and use styling to emphasise information structure.Features - Every email includes colourised unified-diffs for all changed text

  • Rails Mail Queue

    Rails Mail Queue script provides you a simple way to make Action Mailer asynchronous.Mail Queue is a Rails plugin that queues up mail sent from the Action Mailer. You can then call a cron job (e.g. script/runner "MailQueue.process"), to deliver your

  • Esmir

    ESMIR script is a very simple and customizable mail server.

  • Gurgitate Mail 1.8.4

    Gurgitate-mail is a mail filter in Ruby. Since its rules files are in Ruby and not line-noise, they're both easy to read and very powerful.

  • Rocmail

    Rocmail is a dynamic mailfilter written in ruby, similar to procmail in scope, although dramatically different in implementation and configuration.

  • Ruby-vpopmail 1.0.2

    ruby-vpopmail is an interface to vpopmail. This interface also allows to learn messages as spam or ham, using spamassassin. AAn example application vlearn.rb uses the project to learn folders and move messages around accordingly.VPOPMail is a library

  • Redwood Email Client 1.1a

    Redwood is a simple GUI email client written in Ruby and wxRuby. It relies on "mh" to actually handle mail. It has not been updated for a few years, and at its prime it was marginally usable. Only of interest to the very curious.

  • Mailfactory 1.2.3

    MailFactory allows for the simple creation of MIME email messages with multiple body parts and attachments.

  • Sup Email 0.0.8

    Sup is a console-based email client that combines the best features of GMail, mutt, and emacs. Sup matches the power of GMail with the speed and simplicity of a console interface. Sup makes it easy to: - Handle massive amounts of email. - Mix email f

  • Hotmailer 1.0.1

    The hotmailer library is used to programatically access your hotmail account. It depends on the ‘mechanize’ (and by extension ‘hpricot’) libraries. The Hotmailer library contains two objects: - WWW::Hotmailer - this is descend

  • Enkoder

    The Enkoder protects email addresses by converting them into encrypted JavaScript code, hiding them from email-harvesting robots while revealing them to real people.

  • Rssfwd

    RssFwd is a web/desktop app written on top of Rails framework. Its main purpose was to poll RSS (and Atom) feeds and forward them to subscribed email (and Ato.

  • Mime Multipart-alternative Lite 0.0.1

    This class creates a multipart/alternative MIME message body suitable for HTML E-mail. Fairly no-frills, the main feature is the easy creation of E_mail bodies that have both a plain-text and HTML verison, along with embedded images. The library has

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