• Active Merchant 1.42.9

    The Active Merchant library was extracted from Shopify and Spreedly's internal librariers that deal with online credit card payments and open sourced for everyone to use.For the full list of supported direct and offsite payment gateways, please refer

  • Sellbot

    Sellbot works by providing a quick, fast and secure system that can present a catalog of digital products, take up payments and provide the user access to his bought product.Configuration is simple thanks to the included documentation package.Sellbot

  • Recurly Ruby Client 2.1.8

    Recurly is a web service for implementing a subscription (recurring) billing system.This library can be utilized in creating billing forms, subscription plans, transaction pages, etc., powered by the Recurly API. Requirements:· Recurly API key W

  • Stringvalidator 0.4

    The validate rule is a Ruby literal object.

  • Crypt-fog 1.0.1

    This is recommended for usage only where hyper-sensitive data is not present, and only as a way to hide data from an untrained eye.In addition to the module, a stand-alone program is included called "fogenc" that takes both a string and a number as a

  • Bread Machine 0.0.2

    Even if it's in it's early stages of development, the library should work with XPay v3.51 and v4.0 Limitations:· The terminology surrounding credit card payment systems is arcane and can cause a lot of confusion.

  • Spree 1.2.0 / 2.0.0.beta

    This e-commerce platform relies on Ruby's dynamic programming to offer a secure and small-sized application.It supports customized logic for taxation, shipping, discounts and coupons. Here are some key features of "Spree":Extensible Design:· Spr

  • Remit 0.0.4

    The files includes a SOAP and a REST version of the API. What's New in This Release: · Fixed IPN request signing

  • Heckle 1.4.3

    It will practically test a developer's tests and will return if the test will run normally or fail itself.

  • Csspool 2.0.0

    It can be used to eliminate duplicate rules, search for rules, adding or modifying rules and properties.CSSPool provides a SAC interface for parsing CSS as well as a document oriented interface for parsing CSS. What's New in This Release: · Now

  • Saas Rails Kit

    Are you starting to build a new web service with Ruby on Rails? Do you want to avoid having to write the subscription management, recurring billing, and credit card management code? The SaaS Rails Kit gets your new software-as-a-service site off to a

  • Substruct 1.0.2a

    Substruct is the first and only Ruby on Rails open source e-commerce project. Features: - Released under a modified Artistic License - A replacement for old, brittle and crusty shopping cart packages - Cleanly designed, easy to extend and maintain -

  • Ruby/finance 0.2.2

    Ruby/Finance allows access to changing financial data, such as currency conversion rates and stock quotes.

  • Ruby/amazon 0.9.2

    Ruby/Amazon is a Ruby language library that allows programmatic access to the popular Amazon Web site via the REST (XML over HTTP) based Amazon Web Services. In addition to the original site, the,,, amazon.

  • Makecheque 0.3

    This is Makecheque, a tool (written in Ruby) to print bank cheques, either using bank-supplied stationey, or blank check paper (in conjuntion with a MICR font and perhaps special laser toner).It is intended to be used as part of an interactive bookke

  • Investrackr

    A basic lightweight investment tracking application. Similar to google's finance site.

  • Dacota

    Dacota is aiming to be a fully functional Ruby on Rails stock trading resource.Its prime function is modular and aims to provide extensive capability including: Import stock quotes, Transaction/Portfolio Mgmt, Technical analysis, Charting and more

  • Interactive Brokers Tws Ruby Interface 0.2

    This project is a Ruby implementation of the socket API for the Interactive Brokers' Trader WorkStation program , allowing it to be controlled from Ruby.

  • Yahoofinance 1.2.1

    Ruby module for retrieving stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance.It can retrieve current quote data as well as historical quote data. It is a vital part of the Grism application

  • Quickbooks 0.0.2

    A Ruby implementation of the QuickBooks SDK (QBXML) and the QuickBooks Merchant Services SDK (QBMSXML).

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