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  • Discourse 0.9.0

    Discourse is written in Ruby and JavaScript on top of classic forum and discussion boards principles, but enhanced with AJAX interaction and a much more user friendly experience.It practically reinvents the concept of online discussions leveraging on

  • Symposium

    Built on top of RoR, this discussion board system provides lots of features and is extremely easy to install.Symposium can be used in case the user needs a simple post/reply forum, with no other extra options or plugins required (like phpBB or vBulle

  • Dotgnu Forum System

    DotGNU Forum System or simply Forum, is a multi-user simultaneous editing supporting system with an internal document web. It allows multiple users to work at a single document with realtime updating of changes and to communicate with each other whil

  • Rails Bulletin Board

    Rails Bulletin Board script is&sing rubybulletin board web app using ruby on rails.

  • Weaver Bulletin Board

    In a world of bloated, complex bulletin board systems, anyone needs an alternative. Weaver Bulletin Board aims to provide a simple, easy to use bulletin board driven by Rails.

  • Rboard

    rBoard is a simple web forum package using eRuby and MySQL. It demonstrates the use of sessions and mysql-ruby database interactions.

  • Rforum 0.2

    RForum is aweb forum software based on the Rails framework.

  • Radiance Message Board System

    Radiance Message Board System script is a message boards coded in Ruby using mod_ruby and MiniBase.

  • Xinod Board

    Xinod Board stands for Xinod is a Ruby /MySQL driven discussion board script. It supports dual-layer templates and dual-layer multi-language. Also, it incorporates some AJAX.

  • Ruby Unity

    Ruby Unity is a simple forum engine.

  • Ezabel

    eZabel is a lightweight Rails content management system that allows managing of news posts, personal journals, forums, photo albums, community events, polls, private messaging, and threaded commenting.

  • Tagsurf Api Bindings For Ruby

    Tagsurf API Bindings for Ruby script represents Ruby bindings for the Tagsurf web service API.

  • Agoraruby

    AgoraRuby is a Bulletin Board system written in Ruby.

  • Rabbit: Ruby Bbs 1.0.41

    It's like a Ruby web-based business slideshow system.It runs as a CGI or under mod_ruby.The only dependency is DBI for database access.

  • Rubybb

    RubyBB is a based on rforum web forum system and rails.

  • Shunya

    An engine to support slashdot like sites (slashcode) implemented in rails. The engine has the extra feature of allowing a user's google ads to be displayed next to stories submitted by them.

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