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  • Brimir 0.3.1

    Brimir is a little bit different from other bug trackers.While it features an administration panel for managing the tickets, new tickets can be created via email only.This means that developers can setup a special public email address, to which users

  • Fat Free Crm 0.10.1

    Instructions on how to setup the platform are provided with the project attached RADME file.Fat Free CRM features out of the box group collaboration, campaign and lead management, contact lists, and opportunity tracking. Requirements:· Ruby v1.8

  • Lipsiadmin 5.0

    It was written on top of a Ext JS 2.2-like framework, with Prototype adapters. Here are some key features of "Lipsiadmin":· Support and integration of ExtJs 3.0· Browse History with back forward buttons of your browser· Improved PDF ge

  • Mystic 0.1.4

    It is designed to be fast, flexible and customizable. It also provides a simple, easy to use interface that's quite intuitive. Tickets are used for several purposes, from internal project management, customer support/troubleshooting, reminders, offic

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