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  • Davinci Lms

    DaVinci LMS will help school administrations run an online training coursers website, where students and teachers can register publish courses or attend them.DaVinci LMS is an alternative to the plethora of PHP LMSs, being written in Ruby and running

  • Webiva Cms 1.00.2

    Webiva does not only allow a user to manage his content, it also provides WBS features.WBS as in Website Building Systems. Here are some key features of "Webiva CMS":· Simple to use· Admin dashboard· RoR security· Widgets· WY

  • Rich-cms 3.0.2

    It works on top of the E9s frontend framework for Rails. Can use this gem to manage CMS content or translations. Requirements:· Ruby on Rails· JavaScript enabled on client side· E9s What's New in This Release: Bug fixes:· Fixed un

  • Active Admin 0.6.0

    It abstracts common business application patterns to make it simple for developers to implement beautiful and elegant interfaces with very little effort. Instructions are provided with the package's README file. Here are some key features of "Active

  • Refinery Cms 2.0.9

    It also runs on Rails 2 if needed. Here are some key features of "Refinery CMS":General features:· Easily Theme and customise the look to suit the business· Extend with custom plugins to do anything Refinery doesn't do out of the box·

  • Nesta Cms v0.9.13

    The CMS is very suitable suitable for running small web sites or blogs. Here are some key features of "Nesta CMS":· Gives the site a logical structure, tuned for Search Engine Optimization.· Create content in a text editor – publish by dr

  • Cms_lite 0.5.3

    CMS Lite centralizes all content into a ‘content’ subdirectory, where developers can place website content.If the content is inside the "/content/page/en/" directory, than this will eb a normal page. For all pages where authentication is nee

  • Zena

    zena is a state-of-the-art CMS (content managment system) based on Ruby on Rails with a focus on usability, ease of customization and web 2.0 goodness (application like behaviour). Features: - versioned publication system - multi-lingual, multi-site

  • Railfrog 0.6.0

    Railfrog is a user-friendly, open-source website deployment and content management system built with Ruby on Rails, producing well structured and standards-compliant pages with Web 2.0 goodness. Railfrog makes it easy for developers, designers, webma

  • Oopen Rcms 0.3pre

    oopen rcms is a web based content management system made in Ruby. It is focussed on xhtml output.

  • Redmine 2.3.1

    The application is cross-platform and cross-database. Here are some key features of "Redmine":· Multiple projects support· Multiple databases support· Multiple LDAP authentication support· Multi-language support· Role based a

  • Eribium 0.1a

    A easy-to-use, full featured, extendible content management system built with Ruby on Rails. It has Web 2.0 features including: rss, tags, ajax 'quick' editing, gmail style spell checker and overlays.

  • Vault Web

    Yet another CMS for Ruby software diversity.

  • Gentlecms

    GentleCMS is a resource-oriented content management system, designed for high-traffic websites or large-scale content repositories.

  • Compages 0.4.0

    compages is a lean content management & publishing system. Here are the main features/aims of the project: - Drag-n-drop contents around the page  - extra-basic content writing  - Basic templating system

  • Communities Website System

    A combination of weblog, forum, wiki and news service. It is especially useful for communities sites, which are created by community, not website moderators. It is extremly simple in using, so everyone can add news, articles, posts etc.

  • Xlsuite

    XLSuite is a Ruby on Rails based online business management system. It combines the best of class features of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management Systems (CMS)as well as a host of other features.

  • Portrails

    portrails will be a mixture of the following: community site, portal, member blog, minimalistic cms. The name says it all: users can sign-up to get a backpackish page of their own. They can use it for blogging, self-portrayal or whatever they like.

  • Ryms

    RYMS is, as the name suggests, a yearbook management system written in Rails.

  • Lightrail 0.0.2

    LightRail is a light weight CMS system that is easy to use and fully extensible.

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