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  • Synack 1.2.2

    Synack is actually a client/server wrapper for Eloy Duran's terminal-notifier CLI tool.Messages can be sent to the local notification center, or to a remote machine.Can even be used from UNIX machines and from inside Ruby on Rails apps.

  • Gossip 0.3.2

    The library is written to help people keep in sync about project details and updates.Gossip comes bundled with three utility scripts.One just relays your message to all the destinations.Another sends out a message about a Subversion commit.The third

  • Rabbit 0.6.5

    RD stands for Ruby Document format and is a text format designed to be easy to read and write in any condition.Rabbit will help users create slideshow (PowerPoint-like) business presentations with Ruby code. Here are some key features of "Rabbit":

  • Mqtt 0.0.4

    MQTT is a lightweight protocol for publish/subscribe messaging. What's New in This Release: · Re-factored packet encoding/decoding into one class per packet type.· Added MQTT::Proxy class for implementing an MQTT proxy.

  • Autumn 3.1.11

    It features a very Ruby-like approach to bot-writing, a complete framework for loading and daemonizing your bots, multiple environment contexts, a database-backed model, and painless logging support.Autumn's file structure is like a Ruby on Rails or

  • Messenger 1.0.1

    It currently supports email, web, Campfire and Jabber.It is designed to be used via the command-line or invoked directly with in a Ruby application.One of the guiding principles behind the library is to specify as much as possible through a single UR

  • Switchvox 0.1.0

    Digium’s Switchvox PBX is a phone system designed for interconnecting calls and more.

  • Ragi 1.0.1

    RAGI stands for Ruby Asterisk Gateway Interface.This application provides a smart  API for handling outbound and inbound call in a Ruby or Rails app. What's New in This Release: · Created SVN repository for the code, docs and examples·

  • Mms2r 2.3.0

    MMS messages are multipart emails and mobile carriers often inject branding into these messages. MMS2R strips the advertising from an MMS leaving the actual user generated media.If the application is not aware of a particular carrier no extra process

  • Imobile 0.0.6

    The library can be used as a server-side partner to the ZergSupport toolkit. What's New in This Release: · New push certificates read method for Ruby 1.8.6 on Heroku.

  • Libgammu Ruby Extension

    Ruby extension allowing access to the functions of mobile phones via the Gammu library

  • Nokia Filesystem

    Nokia Filesystem - Nokia phone user file system

  • Payment Online Pbx Manager b1

    The PBX Manager is a configuration and management interface for the Asterisk PBX.

  • Net::sms::bulksms 0.2

    Net::SMS::BulkSMS is a Ruby library that allows you to easily integrate SMS services into your Ruby or RubyOnRails applications.It has support for all BulkSMS international sites, including the UK, USA, South Africa, Spain and Europe. To use the libr

  • Ruby Language Api For Asterisk 1.1.2

    ruby-agi is a library to write AGI scripts in ruby language for Asterisk. ruby-agi does not depend of Asterisk Manager.There have a very simple AGI script in example/call_log.rb

  • Ruby Astersk Manager Interface 0.4

    Ruby Astersk Manager Interface provides a client library and built in proxy server for interfacing with the Asterisk manager interface.

  • Rubyphone 0.2.1

    A CTI class for Ruby. Uses TSAPI wrapped in Ruby/DL and Win32API calls.Now open your PBX to Ruby!

  • Active Sms

    Active SMS is a framework for creating and sending SMS messages.

  • Smser

    SMSer is a Ruby library which allows you to send SMS messages to any cellphone in the world.

  • Net-sip

    Net-SIP will implements all SIP protocol operation using EventMachine network back-end.

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