• Browsercms 3.5.7 / 4.0.0.alpha

    BrowserCMS is a special CMS built to work as a Rails project. BrowserCMS can run multiple sites at the same time, each website being its own separate Rails project, running on the same BrowserCMS installation.This means automatic multi-site support,

  • Skyline Cms 3.3.0

    Skyline CMS works on top of the Ruby on Rails MVC framework, providing webmasters with a solid, production tested and very versatile website building solution.Skyline CMS works basically like any other CMS on the market, providing a backend administr

  • Wheelhouse Cms 1.0.18

    You can get a free or commercial CMS these days from practically anywhere, and for almost any programming language that can be used in building and powering a website.Wheelhouse CMS is a commercially licensed CMS for Ruby developers, especially for t

  • Casein 4.0.0

    Under the hood, Casein is very different from other CMSs, this mainly because it needs to run on top of Ruby on Rails.Frontend-wise, Casein is just like any other CMS, providing a nice looking visual interface from where technical and non-technical u

  • Adva-cms 0.0.14

    adva-cms uses a visual interface to help users easily manage a website via their browser.This reduces the amount of code editing and opens up the use case possibilities even more by making the engine available to more people.It also means regular peo

  • Alchemy Cms 2.7.2 / 3.0.0.rc5

    Alchemy CMS can be installed as any other Ruby gem and can be easily setup and deployed within minutes.Alchemy is a top product when it comes to CMSs, being an ideal product if you develop websites for small to medium businesses. Here are some key fe

  • Comfortablemexicansofa 1.11.2

    ComfortableMexicanSofa is the equivalent of any PHP CMS, but ported to work with Ruby, and especially its powerful RoR framework.So if a developer is well acquainted with RoR's ways of working, he should find it pretty simple to install and deploy Co

  • Lokka 0.5.0

    Lokka is known to run on all major OSs (Windows, Linux and Mac) and with cloud services like Heroku, Sqale and Amazon.It is also known to run from Google App Engine installations as well.Lokka was modeled after WordPress, but uses Ruby-specific techn

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