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  • Periodical 0.1.1

    Periodical can be used in calculating the time difference between two dates and using that value for later processing.It can also take a period and determine start and end dates for it as well.Periodical is "real time" aware and can distinguish betwe

  • Stamp 0.5.0

    The developer can just pass an example date to the gem, and it will automatically extract the date's format. The new format can than be used for other date batches. Here are some key features of "stamp":· Abbreviated and full names of months and

  • Timelinesetter 0.3.2

    A timeline is a chart in which events are presented on a line in the order they occurred. TimelineSetter takes a specially-structured CSV file as input and outputs standards-compliant HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Here are some key features of "TimelineSetter

  • Ruby Holidays Gem 0.9.3

    The library works on top of the Ruby built-in Date class, extending its functionality to handle national and religious holidays.The library can check for holidays on a specific day or between a range of days. What's New in This Release: · Added

  • Tzinfo 0.3.30

    This Ruby script uses the standard tz, also known as Olson database to provide daylight-savings aware transformations between times in different timezones.All transformations are done using just Ruby code, with no third-party data files.Ruby on Rails

  • Calendar Date Select 1.15

    It uses the prototype.js library, resulting in less code, but maintaining a great deal of functionality with date and time features. Here are some key features of "Calendar Date Select":· Can pick a date, or a date-time, or a date with an option

  • Ruby/corporatetime 0.4.9

    Ruby/CorporateTime is a Ruby language extension that serves as a wrapper to the CorporateTime Calendar API (CAPI). Its purpose is to allow interaction with CorporateTime servers via the Ruby programming language. CorporateTime is a proprietary calend

  • Chronic 0.9.1

    It can parse dates/times in a wide variety of standard and natural formats from simple things like "tomorrow" to complicated things like "7 hours before tomorrow at noon".The library was built to interpret user natural language. Here are some key fea

  • Google Calendar

    Google Calendar is a simple Gta API Liendar Data API Library.

  • Ical Tools

    This project will house several classes and utilites for parsing, displaying, and creating iCal compliant (.ics) files.

  • Date_easter

    This module calculates the date upon which Easter falls. It extends the Date class available in the Ruby standard library, adding the class method Date::easter(year) and the instance method easter().

  • Gcalevents

    Reads events from Google Calendars and prints on console or sends email with them.

  • Rcalendar

    rCalendar is a project to create a calendar plugin for the Ruby On Rails platform based on the iCal (RFC-2445) standard.

  • Railendar

    Railendar is a Rails implementation of a web calendar with support for recurring events, exceptions, and other features, originally used for a small music/arts venue. It uses the Calendar Plugin for the actual calendar generation.

  • Google Calendar Api 0.1.0

    This library simplifies manipulating google calendar using google calendar data api.

  • Palmgooglecalendar

    PalmGoogleCalendar script allows you to Sync palm and Google calendar through ruby.

  • Icalendar

    This library provides iCalendar support for ruby(RFC-2445). This is the format supported by Apple ical, Mozilla Sunbird, Evolution etc...).

  • Exg2cal 0.0.1

    Exg2Cal is a ruby class that pulls vCal attachments from Exchange calendar folders via IMAP.

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