• Pagoda 0.0.11

    Inspired by the Svbtle news platform, Pagoda is for content authors wanting a pure and minimal interface, where the focus is on the content, instead of over-bloated UI.Pagoda is like Obtvse, only instead of Ruby on Rails it uses Jekyll to power the e

  • Grinch

    Created to run on RoR, Grinch is a blogging platform for the people that just want to publish content online without too many complications like widgets, plugins, themes, etc..It's a simple system that allows the editor to login, create posts and pub

  • Obtvse

    Inspired by the Svtle news platform, Obtvse is for content authors wanting a pure and minimal interface, where the focus is on the content, instead of over-bloated UI. Here are some key features of "Obtvse":· Manage posts· Manage drafts

  • Octopress 2.0

    Jekyll is a simple, blog aware, static site generator, initially developed by GitHub's creator to generate project static pages. For Jekyll go here. Here are some key features of "Octopress":· Octopress sports a clean responsive theme written in

  • Toto v0.4.9

    Toto mashes up different technologies to provide a state of the art, super-lightweight blogging platform. Here are some key features of "Toto":· Content is entirely managed through git, this means that the admin gets full fledged version control

  • Thoth 0.2.1

    It is a tool for Ruby lovers, who would like to keep a blog running on their favorite programming language.Its simple, elegant architecture, minimalist featureset, and extensible codebase make it both fast and easy to customize. Here are some key fea

  • Mephisto 0.8.2

    This blogging system can be used to build multiple websites, publish a variety of content and keep it up to date from an administrative interface.Install instructions can be found in the /public directory, found in the download package. Requirements:

  • Merblogger

    This is an useful tool for all the Merb bloggers that want more features and a better interface.

  • Amethyst 0.1.4

    It's useful for any kind of bloggin or content publishing platform. Here are some key features of "Amethyst":· Protected admin area to manage your blog securely· Tagging Support· Post Archiving· Built-In RSS Generator so everyone

  • Typo Ruby 4.1.1

    Typo is a lean weblogging engine powered by rails. It supports XMLRPC posting, ping/trackback, comments, textile, markdown, categories, all common exports, fulltext search and so on. It is compatible with all major web browsers and is very easy to in

  • Simplelog Ruby 2.0.2

    SimpleLog is a Ruby on Rails weblog application that helps you focus on writing above all else. SimpleLog has all the features you want in a weblogging applicaton wrapped in an efficiently designed interface that eliminates clutter. By focusing

  • Thistle 0.1a

    Thistle is an open source tumblelog application written in Ruby on Rails. Thistle is still in the early stages of development, but offers several great features!Features: - Support for 7 different post types: text, quote, link, photo, video, event, a

  • Rog 0.1.5

    Rog generates a group of HTML pages from text files formatted in various markup languages (and from some Ruby source files).It is designed to be a small, simple and with no server requirements blogging app.Blog management is done via Rake integration

  • Kofblog 0.1.0

    Kofblog is a blogging software for groups trying to stay in touch.

  • Mandarina

    Mandarina is a very simple blog engine with basic features.

  • Yarbo

    Yarbo is yet another Rails-based blogging system. It is specifically designed with programmers and I.T. people in mind. It uses RESTful controllers, is skinnable, does code syntax highlighting, and supports multiple users and multiple independent blo

  • Cdblog

    cdBlog is a fully-flexible Blog- / CMS-Software written with Ruby on Rails framework.

  • Posted

    Blog/CMS system treated as a desktop application. Features beyond just posting and sharing thoughts and interests. A back-end designed for personal thought collection, idea management and creative development.

  • Squib 0.3.6

    Squib is a weblog publishing application influenced by Radio Userland. Squib renders a weblog as a set of static pages and publishes them to either a Radio Community Server, FTP or SFTP server where they can be served up by Apache.

  • Chameleon 0.5.5

    Chameleon is a free, easy-to-use and highly extensible blogging platform. With Chameleon, you can easily publish a wide range of different types of content, ranging from blog post to recipes, and from podcasts to photos.

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