• Loginradius Sdk For Ruby On Rails 0.1.4

    The LoginRadius SDK for Ruby on Rails allows developers to have a user login/register system based on social IDs provided by other services. The SDK provides a simple interface to LoginRadius' API for retrieving settings and customizations made to a

  • Gauthify-ruby 1.2.7

    GAuthify-Ruby is a wrapper for the REST is a Web service that provides an SMS and email 2-factor authentication system based on Google Authenticator.Google Authenticator is a service from Google for enrolling in a 2-step

  • Nopassword 0.0.1

    NoPassword works the following way:It will ask the user for an email address. Once entered, it will send a login link to that email.Once the user clicks logout or the session expires, the user needs to enter his email again and receive a new login li

  • Clearance 0.16.3 / 1.0.0.rc7

    Clearance allows developers to implement an email & password authentication system for their RoR apps.The module is Cucumber-friendly and i18n-ready.The newer version of Clearance (1.x branch) works only with Ruby 1.9.2. Requirements:· Ruby 1.8.

  • Authfactor 1.0.0

    The plugin can be used to implement authentication and registration systems for Rail-driven sites. Here are some key features of "Authfactor":· Supports one-time passwords from a variety of sources· Yubikey support· Google Authenticato

  • Simple Admin

    The library has built-in methods for telling if a user is currently logged in and return the current authenticated user.It is a database-less authentication system based on OpenID and can be used for admin logins, user bases and more. Requirements:&#

  • Oauth2 v0.0.10

    It needs Sinatra, Rubygems and JSON to work properly, but it should be able to connect to existing OAuth 2.0 servers (like the ones on Facebook). What's New in This Release: · Handle ActiveSupport JSON case where incompatible string does not rai

  • Twitter-oauth-in-rails

    Developers will enable users to register and log on a site using their Twitter credentials. Requirements:· Ruby on Rails

  • Ruby Oauth 0.3.6

    This plugin takes advantage of all the features of the OAuth protocol.This is a ruby library which is intended to be used in creating Ruby Consumer and Service Provider applications.

  • Lockdown 1.0.1

    It can be used in allocating page access rights because Lockdown has built in user groups for public and protected areas. It is designed to handle a simple public vs private configuration to very fine grained access controls.The configuration file is

  • Ruby Openid Library 2.1.7

    This script makes it easy to add an OpenID authentication system to any web application.This library is a port of the Python OpenID library. Here are some key features of "Ruby OpenID Library":· API for verifying OpenID identities (OpenID::Consu

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