Reos v2.0.5

The system can be used for rentals, holiday rentals, house sells, and referral programs. Here are some key features of "ReOS":
· Easy installation and configuration
· Manage sales, rentals and holiday rentals or set up your own
· Ability to define property types (Flat, Apartment, House, etc...)
· Customers database
· Multi-user / Sales agent
· Help Desk/Ticketing
· Each sales agent handles his property and customer data
· Search by many criteria
· Publish multilingual adverts automatically
· Unlimited images by property
· ReOS automatically creates image thumbnail for you
· Upload multiple images at once to listings
· Publish news and events with WYSIWYG Editor
· Contact form with automatic answer
· Recommended properties section
· Special offer section
· Latest properties section
· "Want to sell" section
· "About us" section
· Mortgage calculation
· Mailing list to send newsletters
· Google Maps integration
· Holiday rentals system
· MCRYPT PHP extension
· XSL PHP extension
What's New in This Release:
· No encrypted URLs - Set it up in App.Variables _CRYPT_LINKS.
· Added SEO URLs features - Friendly URLs Set it up in App.Variable _PERMALINKS.
· Russian translation.
· Holiday rentals template/theme.
· Simple Templates/themes.
· Date Picker Field localized.
· Currency sign in search box.
· Fixed HTML email anchors of mailing.
· Increase fields length. Postal Code in all forms from 6 to 15 chars.
· Dates in English format m/d/Y.
· Contact form sending email to Property Account.
· All ereg functions replaced by preg functions.

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