Red5chat vv2.1

All recorded data is stored on to a server using the Red5 technology. Here are some key features of "Red5chat":
· No plugin to be installed - Chat clients do not need to install ANY plugins, software or ActiveX since the solution is based on Flash 9 player !
· Video webcam - webcam live streaming through FLASH player: no plugin to be installed
· Audio chat - Audio/micro live streaming through FLASH player: no plugin to be installed
· Private Messages - send private messages to selected users
· Talkie Walkie function - 1 person can talk at the same time
· Registration process - Users must register before enter the video chat
· No duplicate entries - user cannot open 2 chats with the same nickname
· Info user - can get infos about a selected users
· Colors text - can change the appareance/colors of the chat text
· Full customized design - can easily change the chat design such colors, texts, layout etc...
· Multi langage chat - can easily translate the chat to your langage
· Admin users - can login as ADMIN user and get FULL right on the chat
· Is watching me feature - users can know WHO is watching at your webcam
· Kick/Ban functions - kick or ban functions: you can kick an user or ban it from the chat
· Microphone level - shows the level of the microphone activity for Audio adjustment.
· login/password recover - users can retrieve login/password if they have forgotten
· Bad words filter - users cannot send messages containing badwords
· Full documented source code - the applications comes with FULL documented code source, so you can re-compile it and change it as you wnat: you can change colors, outlines, graphics or add new featutes
· Based on RED5/Flash - the Video Flash Chat is based on Open source solutions: RED5, a FREE alternative to Flash Media Server and Flash, which allows you to easily modify the layout of the application.
· 4 webcams - can choose between viewing 1 or 4 webcams at once
· Invite for chat - Invitation for private chat
· Smileys - emoticons included
· Ignore function - can choose to ignore an user
· Video talk function - push video messages
· Rooms control - room managment features allow to add, edit or delete chat spaces
· Web server with PHP and MySQL
· Red5

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