Realestatebroker v1.0b1

RealEstateBroker offers real estate agencies an easy way to publish houses on the internet.

- Add houses with detailed description
You can publish the most interesting characteristics of your houses, like the type of house, the number of rooms, square feet, if a garage is included, etc.
- Add Business Real Estate with detailed description
For Business Real Estate it is possible to give up specific properties like building type (office, warehouse), height, rent/purchase.
- Free to group new building projects
For new building projects you can easilly add text and illustrations like Artist Impressions, sketches or construction drawings.
- Search function
It is possible to search for houses on price-brackets and / or City. With the advanced search it is possible to give up extra criteria like the number of rooms, area, etc.
- Several workflows for houses
- Personalised newsletters
Visitors can register on a newsletter. They have the ability to adjust which price-brackets or region they are searching for. The system only sends the houses which satisfy to their given criteria.

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