Real Estates Classifieds

Real Estates Classifieds is a powerful, highly customizable classifieds software that can be used for many purposes. It is written in PHP with MySQL.

Due to its easy manageable administrator Web interface and its great amount of features it is an excellent choice if you need a general classifieds or a specific area classifieds (auto, motorcycles, pets, real estates, personals, employment).
Written to be very intuitive and easy to use, with a light nice looking design, you will get a professional site with less amount of work. The installation takes only 10 minutes, and you do not need programming skills to customize the script for your needs. Save a lot of time with Real Estates Classifieds and use it to promote your business.


General - Quick and advanced search
- Featured ads - You can give to your clients the possibility to add enhancements to the posted ads. Featured ads will be listed on the first page with images and will be more visible
- Latest Ads - You can show latest listings posted on the first page
- View brief and detailed version of listings
- View all listings posted by a specific user
- Payment with Paypal, 2Checkout or by Check
- Multiple pictures
- Custom Fields - you can add custom fields for the listings in addition to the ones defined by default
- Accounts activation via email
- Password Recovery
- Builtin send mail system to prevent email stealing
- Image verification for forms
- Banners
- Badwords verification
- Automatically delete expired ads, including the pictures for the ad
- Smarty template system - site interface is written using templates, so you can easily make design modifications.

User Interface - Browse your listings
- View expired and pending listings
- Renew expired ads
- Email notification for ads that expire
- Mark listings as Sold
- Order History page

Admin Interface - Statistics
- Browse and manage listings
- Multiple payment plans - You can charge different prices based on the features of the ads. This includes the number of images, number of characters, number of days until the listing will expire, featured ad.
- Custom fields - you can add custom fields in addition to the ones already defined to customize your site. Even better, you can add different fields for different categories, so you can have for example different fields for For Rent and For Sale categories!
- Options - you can add multiple options for a listing that will appear as checkboxes at the bottom of the listing. You can define multiple options sets and configure them for different categories.
- Pending ads - You can keep an ad inactive after posting it and manually activate an ad after checking it (useful when using Check payment or free ads)
- Banners - supports image banners and code banners (like Google Adwords)
- Customize locations and currencies
- Block IP
- Customize emails sent to the users and text that appear on the screen
- Bad words list
- View and manage users accounts
- Users and administrator Login History
- Customize script appearance and many different settings
- Edit language file - you can make changes to language file easily from web interface.
- Edit css style file - you can make changes to css style file easily from web interface.
- Edit template files - you can make changes to template files easily from web interface.
- Custom Pages - you can create and edit custom pages that you can link to your navigation bar. This way you can create pages link FAQ, Terms and conditions , etc.
- Seo - modify title and meta tags for all site and for each category
- Order History

  • Developer:
  • Website:
  • Platforms: Windows / Linux / Mac Os / Bsd / Solaris
  • License: Commercial License ($149.00) 
  • Language: Php

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