Rblog v1.0

RBlog is a fusion of the RSS and the Web log concepts. You can log in from anywhere, add, edit and remove news information.

Almost anyone can come to this website and get an RBlog in minutes.

This information can be picked up by others-- web portals, wireless devices, news sites, et cetera.

In addition, we provide visitors to the RBlog site with the ability to do two other things:
- Search our feeds for information.
- Build a digest of information to suit your needs.
RBlog is a fusion of two good technologies that each have their strength: RSS is good for Information delivery; Blogs are powerful because of their "create anywhere anytime" approach. RBlog allows you to publish news of any sort even if you don't have a website.

Blogs available as RSS are not uncommon. RBlog is an RSS Feed created with a blog-styled tool.
The ASP scripts and databases are available as one ZIP file.

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