Rabbit v4.1

RabbIT is a web proxy that speeds up web surfing over slow links by doing:
Compress text pages to gzip streams. This reduces size by up to 75%
Compress images to 10% jpeg. This reduces size by up to 95%
Remove advertising
Remove background images
Cache filtered pages and images
Uses keepalive if possible
Easy and powerful configuration
Multi threaded solution written in java
Modular and easily extended
Complete HTTP/1.1 compliance
RabbIT is a proxy for HTTP, it is HTTP/1.1 compliant.
It speeds up surfing over slow URL by removing the unnecessary parts but keeping the necessary minimum.
RabbIT is written in Java and should be able to run on any platform.
It does depend upon an image converter if image scaling is on. The recommended image converter is "convert" from the ImageMagick package.
What's New in This Release:
· Increased the default keepalive timeout to 30 seconds.
· Made number of selector threads configurable, with a default value of the number of cpu cores.
· Made selector status page easer to read by altering colors between selectors. Made WebConnectionResourceSource actually grow the download buffer when it has read full chunks a few times.
· Made ConnectionHandler use concurrent collections for better scalability. ConnectionHandler now removes all empty pools.
· Tried to fix a NPE in the selector code.
· Call Deflater.end to release native zip resources earlier.

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