R2 Newsletter

R2 Newsletter is an email newsletter manager, for managing and distributing HTML or Text formatted newsletters via email.

R2 Newsletter can support an unlimited number of mailing lists and newsletters.

Each user can subscribe to as many newletter lists as required. All versions of R2 Newsletter have double opt-in and double opt-out systems to prevent abuse of users email addresses.

- MS Access support
- Large List Support
- SQL support
- Test Lists to test your newsletter before sending
- Send newsletter in pre-built template
- Edit pre-built template in WYSIWYG editor
- Export Data from lists
- New statistics and reporting facility
- Delete dormant subscribers
- Edit subscriber personal details
- Personalized Newsletters
- Send Attachments with your newsletters!!
- See the archive of newsletters online
- Search the online newsletter archive
- Send a newsletter to new list members
- Send newsletter to specified new addresses

  • Developer: R2 Web Design
  • Website: http://www.r2newsletter.com/
  • Platforms: Windows
  • License: Commercial License ($205.00) 
  • Language: Asp.net

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