• Pykwiki 1.0.5

    PyKwiki is not your regular wiki platform.Under the hood it works just like a static site compiler, taking local, static layout template files and compiling them into static HTML pages.The wiki's content is all stored as Markdown content and can easi

  • Gaewiki 20120412

    GAEWiki works like any other wiki system, allowing registered or non-registered users to freely edit the content of a Web page.GAEWiki is not meant for large communities, but works just fine with small to medium sized teams. Here are some key feature

  • Markwiki 1.0

    MarkWiki is a wiki application that works and behaves just like any other wiki, only it uses Markdown for formatting text.Besides simple text styling, Markdown is also used to store the content in (as .MD files).Under the hood MarkWiki works just lik

  • Localwiki 0.4.3

    Written in Python on top of the famous Django MVC framework, localwiki provides a powerful wiki engine for powering online community and collaboration sites.localwiki was specifically designed for local communities and comes packaged with lots of geo

  • Attowiki 0.4.2

    attowiki works by using the Git protocol for tracking page history and other changes.Data is stored in static reST files.attowiki can be deployed to any file and is very easy to install. What's New in This Release: · Added __todo__ meta page whi

  • Hatta 1.5.4

    It requires no configuration and can be easily started in any Mercurial repository. Hatta's pages are stored in plain text files inside some directory in a repository.The files can be edited both from the wiki or with a text editor – in either

  • Markdoc 0.6.6

    Markdoc is excellent for technical documentation, manuals, internal project wikis, or static site generations.For Technical Documentation/Manuals, Markdoc can be used to write and render hand-written guides and manuals for software. Such documentatio

  • Wikklytext 1.3.0

    WikklyText provides a lightweight, portable and extensible wiki.Features: - It is easily used as a WikiOnAStick for keeping a personal wiki. - It can be used BehindApache to serve a multiuser wiki. - It can be plugged into Drupal allowing you to writ

  • Moinmoin 1.9.5

    This tool was written using Python.It tries to implement as much of the normal wiki features as possible for a reliable Python solution. Here are some key features of "MoinMoin":· Manage revisions· Creates backups of page revisions· Re

  • Kforge 0.19

    KForge is an open-source (GPL) system for managing software and knowledge projects. It re-uses existing best-of-breed tools such as a versioned storage (subversion), a tracker (trac), and wiki (trac or moinmoin), integrating them with the system&rsqu

  • Pyle 0.3.0

    Pyle is a WikiClone - an implementation of a program sharing general ideas with the original WikiWiki. Features: - Offline HTML generation - Email notification when a page is changed - Attachments (eg. images, documents etc.) to pages (both inlined a

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