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  • Squidpeek 1.5

    Squid is a Web proxy cache app for Linux systems.Squidpeek works by parsing Squid logs and extracting various per-URL statistics.It then centralizes and displays all the information using a easy to read table and lots of sparkline graphs. Requirement

  • Django-piwik 0.1

    Django-Piwik is a module for the Django Python framework, integrating the open-source Piwik traffic and analytics system.The module will allow administrators to easily include Piwik's JS tracking code in any Django-based app or website.Usage instruct

  • Py-analytics 0.4

    The library can be used to organize what to track and how to do it, in Python environments.Out of the box, the library won't do much, being more of a framework than an actual utility, but it can be used as a stepping stone for more complex analytics

  • Python Piwik 0.5.1

    Piwik is a open source real-time PHP web analytics program.The library is Django-friendly and can easily be added to the Django admin.Allows tracking multiple websites at the same time and displaying stats directly in the Django admin interface.

  • Pyga 2.4.2

    PYGA provides a way to call the tracking code with Python code, instead of JavaScript code.Can be used with Python servers for devices and environments where JS can't be turned on. Here are some key features of "PYGA":· Page View Stats· E-C

  • Google2piwik 1.6

    Piwik is a self-hosted open source real-time web analytics program. Because of Google API Policy, there is a limit of requests per 24 hours.Currently this script is using 5 requests (fetching 10 000 data rows) for one exported day, plus 3 for whole p

  • Apache2piwik 1.2

    Piwik is a self-hosted open source real-time web analytics program. Log files are known to contain a wealth of information about activity on a website, and are usually analyzed with tools such as AWStats or Webalizer.Transfering them to Piwik allows

  • Freegeoip

    Providing it with an IP address, the application can provide information about the user in CSV, XML or JSON format.Requests are simple REST URLs, allowing anyone to query the app from any language, or even small scripts using tools like wget or curl.

  • Users Online

    This script lets you and your web site visitors know how many other people are roaming around your web site at any one given moment. This is a great way to show off your site popularity for those who no longer believe in visable hit counters and to l

  • Link Popularity

    The Link Popularity script makes it easier and faster to check a site's link popularity.The results open in a new window which makes it easier to template within your own site. This Perl link popularity script is driven off an external HTML form maki

  • Webcounter 1.0

    This CGI script will generate a simple text 'hit counter' for several sites. Useful to count visitors to the 'front door' of your website.

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