• Sliderepl 0.12

    sliderepl starts a file of "sample code" into an interactive Python session.It will load up an enhanced session that injects the code into the session a section at a time.The injected code looks and runs just as if the user had typed it themselves at

  • Motivator 1.0a4

    The phrase and the text are currently hardcoded, but can be easily extended. What's New in This Release: · Reduce iTunes volume before speaking the phrase (Windows/Mac-only).

  • Hdf5 For Python 1.3.0

    HDF5 is a versatile, mature scientific software library designed for the fast, flexible storage of enormous amounts of data.From a Python programmer's perspective, HDF5 provides a robust way to store data, organized by name in a tree-like fashion. He

  • Pythontidy 1.20

    This script reads Python code from standard input and writes a revised version to standard output.Alternatively, it may be invoked with file names as arguments.Python scripts are usually good looking that no beautification is required.However, from t

  • Key-mon 1.15

    This can be used for teaching and screencasts. Here are some key features of "key-mon":· The window and buttons are scalable to any size.· Different keyboard themes/styles supported, for instance the Mac look.· Starts without a window

  • Quote Of The Day Tweeter

    The user only needs to input his username and password.

  • Double Url-encode

    Its compliant to the Google 'Search Protocol Reference' documentation in the description of "getfields"This function also serves as a url_encode function.

  • 'safe' Python Module Reload

    Before starting to recompile, the script checks for syntax errors in the submitted code.

  • Subnet Allocator

    The user has to specify the network IP, network subnet and the subnet mask to which he wants the network to be broken down to.Text descriptions can be attached to any given subnet/subnet mask combination.

  • Rgb Blending Tables

    It will generate a large HTML file with all color transitions ,so the user can see what is happening as colors are tweaked.

  • Rgb Gradation

    No platform requirements, it should work on every Python installation.

  • Formattable

    It is written with an eye to output on a text-only console. The tester function should provide an useful example.

  • Split-respects-singlequotes

    If the string to be slitted is enclosed in single quotes, the "split" command will ignore spaces between those quotes.

  • Arin Whois Scraper

    It uses the Arin API to connect and return queries.

  • Http To Https Redirector

    If the client's browser doesn't support this redirection, an standard HTML page is displayed with instructions how to get to the desired page.

  • Validate Minimum Age Using A Birthday Value

    How to validate minimum age using a birthday value in ruby.

  • Tag Cloud In Ruby

    The options.delete with the default looks mildly interesting.

  • Quick And Dirty Rails Code

    This is one of the methods in a small CMS I'm writing, I thought I'd post here since it's just a mess.

  • Assorted Tk-related Subroutines Used In Grail

    Assorted Tk-related subroutines used in Grail script allows you to create various forms used by interfaces.

  • Using Tk Option Database To Configure Tk Widgets

    Using Tk option database to configure Tk widgets script shows you how to manage the Tk database for manipulating widgets.

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