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  • Alerta 3.0.6

    Created by "The Guardian" development team, Alerta is a tool that allows webmasters to keep an eye on multiple servers, multiple processes, and various services, all at the same time, in real-time, from one single central location.Alerta will aggrega

  • Python Lsapi 1.0

    The Web Server Gateway Interface is a low-level interface between Web servers and Web applications/frameworks for the Python programming language.This unofficial and so-called "standard" for writing Web applications was created to promote common tool

  • Python-nginx 0.1.2

    Once the darling of all webmasters, Apache is slowly but surely losing ground to other servers, the main one being NginX.And along with a broader userbase, more and more dedicated developers also arrive. And as we all know, if you have a developer fr

  • Lars 0.2

    lars allows a developer to parse various logs and convert them to CSV (by default).Having the output in CSV is much more easier to deal with, since there are hundreds and hundreds of open source libraries for parsing and manipulating this simple form

  • 0.1.4 can generate config and init files in a wide variety of formats.These files can then be used to power and customize a wide variety of is basically a collection of server config skeletons on which specific settings can be

  • Pynginxconfig 0.3.2

    PyNginxConfig can read and write NginX configuration files.It supports writing entire blocks at a time, or just editing one single value.PyNginxConfig supports nested layouts, so values buried inside large configs can be retrieved or edited with ease

  • Apache Tashi 201203

    Apache Tashi was created to help developers deal with Big Data infrastructures.Its main role is to ease the task of dealing with large server clusters and allow easier access, sharing and management of stored data. Limitations:· Developing is st

  • Joomcopy

    joomcopy will help developers move live sites to another server or to a localhost development environment for various reasons (backup, tweak, development).Will copy both the FTP files and the MySQL database if supplied with the proper credentials. He

  • Nginx Monitor

    Under the hood, Nginx Monitor fetches usage statistics from Nginx servers via their status module and manipulates the provided data, presenting it in nice graphs via RRDTool.The resulted graphs are much more easier to read and allow webmasters much m

  • Windows Azure Sdk For Python 0.6.2

    Allows Python developers to use the Windows Azure storage and management REST APIs.Contains cross-OS support to be used in any platform. Here are some key features of "Windows Azure SDK for Python":· Create, read, update, delete and query entiti

  • Sentry 5.4.5 / 5.5.0-DEV

    Configure Sentry to watch services and it will collect errors and problems inside its dashboard.Developers can then inspect them in detail and take the appropriate course of action.Sentry is a must-have tool for developers performing testing/debuggin

  • Wsgi2cgi 0.2

    The module tries to translate as much of the CGI process to the WSGI protocol.The module can work from any server supporting WSGI. What's New in This Release: · First public release.

  • Pyazure 0.2.2

    Allows Python apps to use the Windows Azure storage and management REST APIs.For documentation, check the source (commented). Limitations:· Still in beta development.

  • Pypiserver 0.5.0

    pypiserver can be deployed to serve sets of packages and Python eggs to easy_install or pip tools.Can be used as an alternative to the official PyPI server, or for local installations. Requirements:· Python 2.5 or higher Limitations:· pypis

  • Magnum-py 0.2

    It is the perfect solution for delivering dynamic python-generated pages. Here are some key features of "magnum-py":· Elegant, extensible and customizable· Supports WSGI and static file serving out of the box· Simple file sup

  • Skunkweb 3.4.4

    SkunkWEB is scalable, extensible and easy to use.The server is perfect for handling high-traffic sites as well as small sites. Here are some key features of "SkunkWEB":· Relatively simple extension API· Can easily handle authentication, URL

  • Testhttpserver 0.1.1

    By default it can answer a single HTTP request at a time, recording data about it at the same time. The server is available to install via the Python pip command as well.Default port is 8000. Limitations:· In early development stages.

  • Blueprint 3.4.2

    The module looks insie server packages and reports changes. Here are some key features of "blueprint":· See what's installed on the server.· Standardize development environments.· Share stacks with the team.· Generate configuratio

  • Aspen 0.24.3

    Aspen is relies on WSGI and is framework-agnostic. Here are some key features of "Aspen":· Aspen can be configured via an aspen.conf file.· Aspen configuration files look for Python objects based on this notation.· Aspen supports both

  • Wsgiservice 0.3

    A REST service in this context is a HTTP service to be used by machines.A service should output something like XML, JSON or any other machine-readable format.It is an implementation of HTTP 1.1. Here are some key features of "WsgiService":· Reso

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