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  • Hy 0.9.8

    hy is a variant of the Lisp programming language.It's different from other language variants because it compilers directly into Python ASTs (abstract syntax trees).This basically allows developers to embed Lisp code anywhere in a Python-based app or

  • Pythonect 0.5.0

    Was created for general-purpose dataflow control.Can be installed as a Python module via pip or easy_install. Requirements:· Python 2.7 Limitations:· Experimental stage. What's New in This Release: · PEP8 Fixes· PEP 3110 Fixes

  • Phpy 0.1

    The module allows Python developers to run legacy PHP functions from their Python code.Some documentation is provided with the package. Requirements:· php5-cli Python module

  • Java2python 0.5.1

    The tool works only with syntactically valid Java code.The outputted code is not guaranteed to work in Python, but it's a generic representation in Python of the same code in Java. Requirements:· Python 2.7 or higher

  • Python-stream 0.1

    stream.js is a JavaScript library that adds support for a new data structure, streams. A stream is a new data structure, similar to arrays and linked lists, but with new capabilities.

  • Daot 0.7.4

    Dao is the new generation programming system implemented by a functional logic solver, unifying code with data, grammar with program, logic with functional, compiling with running.Documentation on how to install, run and use Daot is included with the

  • Pyruby 1.0.0

    It makes possible for developers to call Ruby code from Python and vice versa. Here are some key features of "PyRuby":· Full Ruby 1.9 compatibility· Pure Python, no native libraries required· Small footprint Limitations:· PyRuby i

  • Flip 1.2

    A logical framework is a library for defining logic and writing applications such as theorem provers.This is a proof checker for entering and editing proofs in natural deduction style.Developers can use Flip with university-level textbooks on logic f

  • Wsdl2js 0.9

    The module generates JS code to wrap an API defined in a WSDL.It basically creates JavaScript types from a .wsdl file.To use, just mention the input WSDL file location and the name of the output file. Limitations:· It has only been tested with G

  • Javaobj 0.1.0

    The module has functions for reading and writing (only WIP currently) serialized Java objects.It can also deserialize them by ObjectOutputStream. This form of object representation is a standard data interchange format in Java world.The javaobj modul

  • Pyper 1.1.0

    It allows developers to use R in Python through PIPE.

  • Jsbridge 2.4.17 / 3.0rc3

    jsbridge is part of MozMill Mozilla automation tools package.

  • Pyzza 0.2.15

    The syntax is a subset of Python.The aim of this language to run on an ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM), and to be easy to use scripting language for applications written in ActionScript. Here are some key features of "Pyzza":Differences from Pytho

  • Regex 2013-03-11

    It supports flags and named capture groups. Here are some key features of "regex":· Atomic grouping· Possessive quantifiers.· Scoped flags· Inline flags· Repeated repeats· Definition of 'word' character· Groups in l

  • Sanescript 0.6.1

    At its core, the module is made of two basic areas, a config framework and a scripting framework.Commands are specified which are essentially classes with a __call__ defined, and registered with the script.A command specifies the options schema that

  • Pyhaml 0.1.9

    HAML is a cross compiling to Mako template syntax.

  • Markupsafe 0.15

    It implements a Unicode subclass that supports HTML strings.Objects can customize their HTML markup equivalent by overriding the __html__ function.

  • Rpy 2.3.6

    It can manage all kinds of R objects and can execute arbitrary R functions (including the graphic functions).All errors from the R language are converted to Python exceptions.Any module installed for the R system can also be utilized from within Pyth

  • Sql_interp 0.1.0

    It introduces the SQLIterp class to help developers introduce native Python working variables inside SQL statements based on context.This project is an indirect port of Perl's SQL::Interp. Limitations:· sql_interp works by assuming that any non-

  • C'dent 0.5.7

    It was mainly written in Python but other programming languages can be found in the source code. Here are some key features of "C'Dent":· Is primarily intended to write portable OO modules. C'Dent modules are written once, and then compiled to e

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