• Django-sis 1.0

    Django-SIS stands for Django School Information System.Django-SIS is a Python application coded on top of the Django MVC framework, created to help webmasters manage a school or university's activity via a Web browser.Everything is managed online, Dj

  • Project Hq 0.1.4

    Project HQ was inspired by the activeCollab and Basecamp Web-based project management services.It's goal is to provide the same features, but via an open code base. Here are some key features of "Project HQ":· Milestone tracker· Task manage

  • Django-qbe 0.1.6

    It is a data query tool for data stored in Django objects. django-qbe is a Django implementantion for Query By Example (QBE) by IBM.It is intended to remove the limitations of Django QuerySets objects and to use the whole expresive power of the subja

  • Mousedb 0.2.1

    MouseDB is a data management and analysis system for experimental animals.MouseDB requires both a database and a web server to be set up, with the database setup on a different host from the web server.Data storage for MouseDB is separated into packa

  • Goobook 1.4alpha1

    It can be used with Mutt the same way as any other abook.GooBook supports authentication by keyring, from the CLI or using a config file. Here are some key features of "GooBook":· Searching contacts· Mutt integration (the same way as for ab

  • Review Board

    It was written in Python using Django and allows companies and developers alike to keep track of code and review it themselves or in the community. What's New in This Release: · The configured SSH key can now be deleted.· Added support for

  • Task Coach 1.0.3

    It can be configured to work on desktops and mobile sets starting from Windows, Linux, Mac, iPod Touch and iPhone.Task Coach is designed to deal with composite tasks. In addition, it offers effort tracking, categories, and notes.This page contains do

  • Yeagtd 110

    yeaGTD stands for "yaml encoded approach to getting things done."Either a command line or a wxPython-based graphical interface can be used to create both simple and repeating projects, to add tasks, to mark tasks complete, to modify project files and

  • Etm 891

    It is more of a command line interface for viewing tasks and events in a variety of convenient ways and a wx(python)-based GUI for creating and modifying events and tasks as well as viewing them.Displayed items can be grouped by date, context, keywor

  • Oai Document Library 1.2b2

    OAI Document Library is a document management application intended for the management and tracking of large amounts of documents in an organization. The OAI Document Library (OAI-DL) helps authors maintain their documents, automatically handling vers

  • Sicknotes 0.6e

    SICKnotes (Site Inventory, Configuration, and Knowledge) is a permissions-based Web tool that assists with inventory, system changes, contact info, and knowledge for anything from a small startup to a data center. SICKnotes requires Python and MySQL.

  • The Magic Notebook 1.4.1

    The Magic Notebook lets you keep and organize notes. These notes can be almost anything--projects, contact information, to do lists, books to read, and assorted other things--and are available to you anywhere there's a networked computer. If you use

  • Schooltool Calendar 11.4

    SchoolTool Calendar is a server-based application that manages and shares calendars for people, classes, clubs and resources throughout a school. In the simplest case, you can use SchoolTool to publish your school's calendar, events or sports schedul

  • Ganttpv 0.8

    This script allows you to define projects and the tasks required to complete them. With GanttPV managers can define tasks, task durations, dependencies, start dates, and holidays. Based on this information GanttPV calculates task end dates and create

  • Treeline 1.1.8

    Basically, this script helps you to store almost any kind of information. A tree structure makes it easy to keep things organized. And each node in the tree can contain several fields, forming a mini-database. The output format for each nod

  • Pagenda 3.2

    This script allows you to run a Calendar/scheduler written in Python. - Uses self-contained sqlite database for multiple users/schedules - Small enough single db files to mail or put on disk. - Has the ability to be copied and run completel

  • Memo

    Memo is a small utility which you can use to store appointments and 'TODO' items. It displays the next few entries in a small window, and can also be instructed to bring up alert windows at set times. Requirements:· ROX-Lib2

  • Ikog 1.85

    This is a very simple utility designed to make the management of your to-do lists quick and easy. The emphasis is on speed and portability.The program is a text-only utility with no graphical user-interface but it does include some features specifica

  • Bar Script

    BAR script is a full reservations system intended for the usage of small to medium-sized tour operators and travel agents.

  • Wxremind 0.8.6

    wxRemind is a graphical front-end to Remind, a remarkably sophisticated calendar and alarm system. The display features a calendar and daily event list suitable for visualizing your schedule at a glance. Dates and associated events can be quickl

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