• Tumblr2html

    tumblr2html takes a Tumblr blog URL, scans all the content and saves the entire blog as static HTML files.This includes the index, archive and individual post pages.The script is perfect from breaking away from Tumblr's hold on your personal content.

  • Jvectormap-maps-builder

    jVectorMaps is a jQuery plugin for embedding vector maps in HTML pages.For creating those vector HTML maps, the 'jvectormap-maps-builder' Python script can be used.It takes vector shapes in DBF, SHP, SHX or other formats and converts them to SVG code

  • Wp2tumblr 2010-03-29

    Takes a WordPress export XML file and imports it to a Tumblr account.Publish dates are kept intact.

  • Instalicious v0.2

    Takes Delicious stored links marked as "toread" to the Instapaper service. The tool is a single Python script, so it can be ran as a cron job, for keeping the Instapaper account always up to date.Works fine also because Instapaper can detect dupes an

  • Py5250 0.1

    Can be used in test environments for testing output. An example use case can be found in the project's README file.

  • Espn Basketball

    Pointed to a ESPN scores page, the script will go over all plays, and retrieve them to a local computer. The output is in dictionary format and contains the following information for each individual play: quarter, quarter_time, overall_time, home_sco

  • Mt2tumblr Nov 14, 2010

    If anything goes bad with the import operation, just run it many times until the import to Tumblr is complete.Installation:1. Go to the Movable Type installation and download the export file. In MT 4.34, this is under Tools, Export.2. Edit mt2tumblrS

  • Sxc2csv

    Unlike the a standard OpenOffice export function, this method will preserve table cell notes.It will export the cell values as long as the cell notes attached to them (between paranthesis).

  • Zbase32 1.1.3

    It is not RFC 3548 compliant.

  • Makediary 0.2.2

    Makediary is a program to print a year diary on one of a range of paper sizes.Features: - the diary can start on an arbitrary day with --start-date. - an arbitrary title is allowewd on the cover page. - option for large planner pages - depe

  • Guest-magic 0.1.2

    guest-magic is a friendly tool for the rapid provisioning of Xen Guest Domains. It is written in Python with a pyGTK/Glade based user interface for maximum user friendliness. The code can be easily ported across many operating systems.

  • Phone Words

    Phone Words allows you to see all the possible letter combinations your phone number makes.This script is available as Python and Ruby version. It is very easy to install, use and customize. The source code can be easily ported to any operating syste

  • allows you to send a random (avatar) image.You might want to use this as your avatar picture in discussion forums. With a chance of 1:ratio, one of the images in the current directory will be randomly selected and sent to the browser. Other

  • Plone Skin Dump 0.7.3

    Plone Skin Dump (qPloneSkinDump) allows to create a Plone product based on some ZMI located in skin folder (eg "custom") from portal_skins. So you can easy create Plone products with skin based on folder with customized styles and page temp

  • Wxchecksums 1.2.0

    wxChecksums is a program which calculates and verifies checksums. wxChecksums is able to read and write files in SFV and MD5 format.

  • Imediff2 1.1.0

    Imediff2 is an interactive, user friendly 2-way merge tool in text mode - essentially an easy-to-use replacement for sdiff. In other words, you give it two slightly different text files and merge them with a simple user interface.The program let

  • Pypar2 1.4

    PyPar2 is a graphical frontend for the Linux par2 utility. PyPar2 is designed to be very easy to use: - Advanced settings are available, but hidden by default. - There is no preferences dialog, all selected options are automatically saved and restore

  • Dosage 1.5.8

    Dosage is an application designed to keep a local "mirror" of specific web comics, with a variety of options for naming schemes and updating options. It supports a recursive "catch-up" method, where it traverses a comic by essentially "visiting" prev

  • Gretools 1.2.4

    Gretools is a vocabulary building tool for GNOME. It is a fun and efficient way to learn words. It uses a modified version of Sungwoo Park's wordlist having about 4000 words. Gretools consists of a synonym quiz, a word guessing game and a word browse

  • Pysycache 3.0

    PySyCache is an educational program for young children which main purpose is helping them in using the mouse.

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