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  • Lnkckr 0.2.1

    lnkckr is a wrapper around the the command-line script linkcheck.It runs from the Python CLI and works together with a JSON file.Inside it, lnkckr keeps the links and their results (state).Because of the JSON results storage, a link checking operatio

  • Reddit

    Reddit management decided back in 2008 to go open-source and make the source code available to anyone.The code is a mixture of mainly Python, with small snippets of Perl, JavaScript, C and C++.Apache Solr and Cassandra are used as database envir

  • Urlminer 0.1.1

    It comes as a class for building RESTful applications and web services using a Resource Oriented Architecture.Using the WSGI, it can be integrated with many other tools. Here are some key features of "urlminer":· Use standard regular expressions

  • Checkm 0.3.1

    Checkm is a general-purpose text-based file manifest format.Each line of a Checkm manifest is a set of whitespace-separated tokens, the first of which identifies the corresponding digital content by filename or URL.Other tokens identify digest checks

  • Routes 1.12.3

    Routes makes it easy to create pretty and concise URLs that are RESTful with little effort.Routes allows conditional matching based on domain, HTTP method, cookies or a custom function.Sub-domain support is built in. Routes comes with an extensive un

  • Placemark Directory

    This application maintains a list of placemarks which can be exported from Google Earth as KML (a XML-defined format). The stored placemarks can then be downloaded one by one or all of them at once, optionally zip-compressed and with a custom icon as

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