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  • Pyftpsync 0.2.1

    pyftpsync is for environemtns where installing services like Dropbox, or 4Shared (just to name a few) can be a little tricky.pyftpsync works in the same way, synchronizing data over the Internet with ease, keeping files in sync and supporting

  • Url2feed 0.0.1

    url2feed will parse a given URL domain and search for its XML, RSS or Atom feed.Besides the feed URL, it will additionally retrieve the site title as well.url2feed is a module for the Python CLI.

  • Yweather 0.1

    yweather is a Python library written to help developers extract weather information from Yahoo's public Weather RSS feed.Since all the data is extracted from the feed, no Yahoo API key will be required, so installing it will be much easier compared t

  • Feedgen 0.2.2

    The feedgen module can practically be used to generate a wide range of feeds, for broadcasting news in an organized fashion.Besides the almighty RSS format, Atom and other XML-like feed formats are also supported as well.From feed meta to entries and

  • Pyrss2gen 1.1

    PyRSS2Gen will render RSS 2.0 standard-compliant syndication feeds.These feeds will support useful meta data like title, origin link, description, GUID, publication date and more.Feeds generated with PyRSS2Gen are compressed XML files, ready to be de

  • Rss2email 3.3

    The script watches RSS and Atom feeds and every time a new update is detected, it sends out an email to a specified address.Includes support for HTML emails, date headers, custom sender address, SMTP and many more. Requirements:· Python 3.2 or h

  • Svnfeed 0.1

    SVNFeed will allow developers working on a shared project to keep up with changes on a SVN repo via their RSS reader.Just pass it the URL andname of the RSS feed to create; and the SVN URL to watch. Requirements:· Python 2.3 or higher

  • Atomail 0.8

    Can be used for converting a mailing list into an Atom/RSS feed, which users can follow without having their inbox flooded with emails.AtoMail can follow many different sources, from local mailboxes, remote mailboxes (POP3/IMAP4), or even Usenet news

  • Rss2twitter 0.0.3

    It watches an RSS feed for new content and automatically posts them to a Twitter account. Requirements:· Tweepy· feedparser· Twitter app API credentials Limitations:· Still in alpha development. Might change drastically from versi

  • Feedparser 5.1.3

    The module downloads and extracts desired data from update feeds. Here are some key features of "feedparser":· Date Parsing· Sanitization· Content Normalization· Namespace Handling· Relative Link Resolution· Feed Type an

  • Babbler 0.3.4

    It parses an RSS feed, takes feed titles and posts them on a Twitter account. Certain words in the title are hashtagged for social media search optimization.Works from the Python CLI.Data will be stored in the current directory. Requirements:· T

  • Atomize 0.1.0

    The package allows developers to quickly and easily construct a valid Atom Syndicated Format feed. The module consists of a simple construct object, Feed(...).To use, just pass it information like the feed update time, the title, the author, an uniqu

  • Grunt 0.1.1

    It generates all the necessary code for the slideshow.It creates a single-file HTML5 slideshow from a text file with slide definitions.

  • Pyatom 1.3

    The package can be installed via pip or compiled from the provided source.pyatom was actually extracted from the werkzeug.contrib.atom pacakge.Nevertheless, it is now a standalone package and can work without Werkzeug.

  • Pyftpdlib 0.7.0

    The library has seen success, being used by famous projects like Google Chromium, Bazaar VCS and included in Debian, Fedora and FreeBSD package repositories.Developers can easily write asynchronous FTP servers with Python code.pyftpdlib is currently

  • Rsslib

    The module was designed after the RSS 2.0 standards.Usage:try:import RssLiburl = '' # Feed URLrss = RssLib.RssLib(url).read()# rss['title'], rss['link'], rss['description']...for r in rss['title']:print rexcept RssLibException as ex:print ex

  • Svgsitemap 0.1.2

    The sitemap is generated as a SVG image, showing the site's page structure with highlighted arrows and thiner lines for showing the most important links.The site map is drawn using PyGraphviz, a Python-based imaging library.The SVG graphics can be cu

  • Feedreader 0.3.1

    feedreader is an universal feed parser designed to operate on top of the lxml interface. Here are some key features of "feedreader":· It is more than a XML parser.· Transparent, but allow easy access to underlying objects.· Supports as

  • Dir2feed October 2010

    Files from a folder will be transformed to RSS items and presented to the subscribed users.The value of this is that the simply puts some files in a filesystem, and he can receive an RSS feed of a folder and any subfolders. What's New in This Release

  • The Feed Validator

    It will parse and check the content of a feed for syntax errors and unsupported content.Some tests, and some functionality, will not be enabled unless a full setof 32-bit character encodings are available through Python.Unicode support is also needed

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